Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III: Method and apparatus for optical data storage. Iomega Corporation, James T Hagler, April 12, 2005: US06879556 (1 worldwide citation)

An optical disk (10) includes several tracks (21-23, 121-125) that each include a series of optical data elements (29, 39). Each optical data element includes several reflective surfaces (31-34, 41-44) with respective different orientations that represent stored information. A detection system (210) ...

Ed Rutter
Edward W Rutter Jr, Cuong Manh Tran, Edward C Orr: Stripping method. Marlborough, S Matthew Cairns, April 12, 2005: US06878500 (17 worldwide citation)

Compositions and methods for the removal of patterned photodefinable materials, such as photoresists and/or photoimageable dielectric materials, from substrates are provided. Such compositions and methods are useful in the manufacture of electronic devices. Methods of reworking electronic device sub ...

Shankar M V
Shankar Madras Venugopal, Alok M Srivastava, Holly Ann Comanzo, Vikas Midha, William Winder Beers, Gopi Chandran Ramachandran, Mukunda Srinivas Adyam: Composite electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof. General Electric Company, Fletcher Yoder, April 12, 2005: US06879091 (6 worldwide citation)

An electron emissive composition comprises a barium tantalate composition in an amount of about 50 to about 95 wt %; and a ferroelectric oxide composition in an amount of about 5 to about 50 wt %, wherein the weight percents are based on the total weight of the barium tantalate composition and the f ...

Chao Bi
Quan Jiang, Chao Bi: Method to detect the true zero-crossing points of the phase back EMF for sensorless control of brushless DC motors. April 12, 2005: US06879124 (14 worldwide citation)

In the present system and method, ZCP level signals of each phase voltage are first obtained. Among the detected ZCP level signals, some ZCPs are generated by phase back EMF, which are true ZCPs and other ZCPs by commutations, which are false ZCPs. The duration of the false ZCP level outputs varies ...

David T Green, Keith Ratcliff, Keith Milliman, Henry R Sienkiewicz, Mitchell J Palmer, Graham W Bryan: Surgical stapling apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, April 12, 2005: US06877647 (654 worldwide citation)

An endoscopic surgical apparatus is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes a frame portion, an elongated portion extending from the frame portion, and an articulating fastener applying assembly associated with a distal end of the elongated p ...

Ayoob Eusoof Dooply: System and method for systolic array sorting of information segments. Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, INCAPLAW, Terrance A Meador, April 12, 2005: US06879596 (602 worldwide citation)

A system and method have been provided for sorting information segments in a packet/cell earliest deadline first queue circuit. The invention permits information segments to be inserted at a rate that is twice as fast as the maximum extraction rate. Pairs of permanent and temporary registers are org ...

Ingo F Herrmann: Deformable fiberscope with a displaceable supplementary device. Townsend and Townsend and Crew, April 12, 2005: US06878106 (456 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a deformable endoscope that has one or more light/image transmission passages and in which at least one additional instrument is provided, wherein the unit of endoscope and additional instrument has a non-round cross-section along a longitudinal section (insertion section) t ...

Erik Scher, Mihai A Buretea, Calvin Chow, Stephen Empedocles, Andreas Meisel, J Wallace Parce: Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices. Nanosys, Quine Intellectual Property Law Group P C, Andrew L Filler, April 12, 2005: US06878871 (302 worldwide citation)

Nanocomposite photovoltaic devices are provided that generally include semiconductor nanocrystals as at least a portion of a photoactive layer. Photovoltaic devices and other layered devices that comprise core-shell nanostructures and/or two populations of nanostructures, where the nanostructures ar ...

Joseph D Kidder, Michael B Mahler, Edward L Perreault, Margaret Stearns, Jim Hurley: Signatures for facilitating hot upgrades of modular software components. CIENA Corporation, Thomas J Engellenner, Reza Mollaaghababa, Nutter McClennen & Fish, April 12, 2005: US06880086 (256 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for facilitating hot upgrades of software components within a telecommunications network device through the use of “signatures” generated by a signature generating program. After installation of a new software release within the network device, o ...

Siamäk Naghian, Tapio Lindstrom, Tero Kärkkäinen, Jarmo T Mäkinen, Keijo Lähetkangas, Kai Mustonen: Mobile mesh Ad-Hoc networking. Nokia Corporation, Darby & Darby PC, April 12, 2005: US06879574 (251 worldwide citation)

An architectural solution in which standalone ad-hoc network cells are used as an extension of the backbone infrastructure in terms of network architecture or/and its service capabilities is provided. These Ad-Hoc networks will integrate to the Internet via cellular and other access networks. This i ...