Byung Jin Choi, Sidlgata V Sreenivasan, Stephen C Johnson: High precision orientation alignment and gap control stages for imprint lithography processes. Board of Regents The University of Texas System, Kenneth C Brooks, March 29, 2005: US06873087 (89 worldwide citation)

Processes and associated devices for high precision positioning of a template an substrate during imprint lithography includes a calibration system with a course calibration stage and a fine orientation stage capable of maintaining a uniform gap between the template and substrate. The fine orientati ...

Scott Krueger, Daniel Goodman: Method and system for seamless integration of preprocessing and postprocessing functions with an existing application program. Interfuse Technology Corporation, Greenberg Traurig, Paul F McQuade, James E Goepel, March 29, 2005: US06874139 (88 worldwide citation)

A method for associating file activity of an application with the graphical display of the file on a screen comprises loading by an operating system an executable code of a message monitoring program adapted to monitoring a message sent by an operating system to a document display window. The messag ...

Handong Wu: Method and system for playing associated audible advertisement simultaneously with the display of requested content on handheld devices and sending a visual warning when the audio channel is off. Networks Associates Technology, Zilka Kotab PC, Christopher J Hamaty, March 29, 2005: US06874018 (88 worldwide citation)

A method for providing advertising to a handheld computer operable to connect to a network. The handheld computer includes a screen for displaying visual content received from the network and configured for playing an audio message associated with the visual content. The method includes receiving a ...

John G Stark, Duane P M Oyen, Thomas Bybee, Arthur M Lohmann, Joel L Boyd: Orthoses for joint rehabilitation. IZEX Technologies, Patterson Thuente Skaar & Christensen P A, Peter S Dardi, March 29, 2005: US06872187 (88 worldwide citation)

Orthoses with microprocessor control placed around the joint of a patient are used to perform and to monitor isometric, range-of-motion, proprioception and isotonic exercises of the joint. A variety of improved hardware elements result in an orthosis that is easier to use and interacts more efficien ...

James Kenneth Alexanderson, Robert C Harshaw: LED lighting device and system. Heads Up Technologies, R Scott Rhoades, Winstead Sechrest & Minick P C, March 29, 2005: US06871981 (87 worldwide citation)

A lighting device and system for illuminating the interior of a vehicle, aircraft or building is provided. The lighting device and system includes a channel case made from a thermally conductive material, including aluminum. The channel case has a bottom edge and two opposed side edges forming an in ...

Tae Gyoung Kang: Layout method of semiconductor device. Samsung Electronics, Marger Johnson & McCollom P C, March 29, 2005: US06872990 (87 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device layout involving the following: arranging active regions of a plurality of transistors having at least more than one first and second electrodes disposed on a substrate; arranging a plurality of gates of transistors between more than one first and second electrodes of those ac ...

Philip H Thompson, Michael L Hageman, Grant Small, Terry J Shie: Multi-mode bias circuit for power amplifiers. Skyworks Solutions, Farjami & Farjami, March 29, 2005: US06873211 (86 worldwide citation)

According to an exemplary embodiment, a circuit arrangement includes a multi-mode bias circuit having a control voltage input, a mode control input for selecting between a linear mode and a saturation mode, and a bias output. The circuit arrangement further includes an amplifier having a bias input ...

David F Sorrells, Michael J Bultman, Robert W Cook, Richard C Looke, Charley D Moses Jr: Universal platform module and methods and apparatuses relating thereto enabled by universal frequency translation technology. ParkerVision, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox PLLC, March 29, 2005: US06873836 (85 worldwide citation)

A communication system comprising a multi-protocol, multi-bearer sub-system is described herein. The sub-system is a universal platform module that can transmit and receive one or more information signals in one or more protocols using one or more bearer services. In one embodiment, the sub-system m ...

Ronald S Fearing, Metin Sitti: Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same. The Regents of the University of California, Morrison & Foerster, March 29, 2005: US06872439 (84 worldwide citation)

A fabricated microstructure comprising at least one protrusion capable of providing an adhesive force at a surface of between about 60 and 2,000 nano-Newtons. A stalk supports the protrusion at an oblique angle relative to a supporting surface. The microstructure can adhere to different surfaces.

Bin Yu, Judy Xilin An, Cyrus E Tabery: Method for forming multiple fins in a semiconductor device. Advanced Micro Devices, Harrity & Snyder, March 29, 2005: US06872647 (83 worldwide citation)

A method of forming multiple fins in a semiconductor device includes forming a structure having an upper surface and side surfaces on the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a conductive layer located below the structure. The method also includes forming spacers adjacent the stru ...

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