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The invention concerns a device (10) for regulating the intensity of a beam extracted from a particle accelerator, such as a cyclotron, used for example for protontherapy, said particles being generated from an ion source. The invention is characterized in that it comprises at least: a comparator (9 ...

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Methods and systems for network-based or Internet-based software delivery are described. In one embodiment, an application program or software platform resides on a client. The program or platform is configured so that it is extensible based on software extensions that are deliverable over a network ...

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Embodiments of the present invention provide a memory device. In one embodiment, the memory device comprises an array of memory cells configured to provide resistive states, a read circuit configured to sense the resistive states and a resistor. The resistor is configured to provide a resistance to ...

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A sternum fixation device for securing parts of a sternum includes first and second removably associated plates. The first plate has an upper surface and a sternum-contacting surface, and at least one hole passing through both of these surfaces for receiving a fastener head. The second plate has at ...

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Integrated circuits utilizing standard commercial packaging are arranged on a printed circuit board to allow the production of 1-Gigabyte and 2-Gigabyte capacity memory modules. A first row of integrated circuits is oriented in an opposite orientation to a second row of integrated circuits. The inte ...

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Systems and methods are provided for determining whether a volume of biological sample is adequate to produce an accurate analyte concentration measurement. Certain such systems and methods provide the additional function of compensating for a sample volume determined to be less than adequate in ord ...

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The benefits of a multicast-enabled network are realized by a flexible, easy to deploy, software-based solution that does not require reconfiguring of network routers. Systems and methods that implement this solution can perform as follows. A packet is received that was sent by a sender to at least ...

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A multiple pass location processing method, for use in a wireless location system (WLS), comprises identifying a received transmission as requiring multiple pass location processing whereby the WLS produces a first, lower quality location estimate and then subsequently produces a second, higher qual ...

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An electrochemical sensor system and membrane and method thereof for increased accuracy and effective life of electrochemical and enzyme sensors.