Cary Lee Bates, Paul Reuben Day, John Matthew Santosuosso: Ordering of database search results based on user feedback. International Business Machines Corporation, Wood Herron & Evans, March 29, 2005: US06873982 (234 worldwide citation)

An apparatus, program product, and method rely on user interaction in the ordering search results returned by a search engine. Each of a plurality of records in a database is associated with a user feedback parameter that is used in ordering the records identified in a result set generated in respon ...

Douglas S Cali, Keith E Myers: Method of cutting material for use in implantable medical device. 3F Therapeutics, Jones Day, March 29, 2005: US06872226 (219 worldwide citation)

A method of cutting material for use in an implantable medical device employs a plotted laser cutting system. The laser cutting system is computer controlled and includes a laser combined with a motion system. The laser precisely cuts segments out of source material according to a predetermined patt ...

George T Roberts, Kathleen L Hess, Sepideh H Nott, Michael S H Chu, Yem Chin: Controlled deployment of a medical device. Boston Scientific Corporation, Fish & Richardson P C, March 29, 2005: US06872223 (194 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis delivery system having a balloon catheter with an inflatable balloon on its exterior. The balloon is inflatable by injection of fluid through a lumen in the catheter and the balloon is initially partially constrained against inflation by a constraint. A tubular prosthesis is disposed on ...

John Michael Karanikas, Harold J Vinegar, Scott Lee Wellington, Eric Pierre de Rouffignac, Ilya Emil Berchenko, George Leo Stegemeier, Kevin Albert Maher, Etuan Zhang, Lanny Gene Schoeling, Phillip Temmons Baxley: In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with carbon dioxide sequestration. Shell Oil Company, March 29, 2005: US06871707 (192 worldwide citation)

A hydrocarbon containing formation may be treated using an in situ thermal process. Hydrocarbons, H2, and/or other formation fluids may be produced from the formation. Heat may be applied to the formation to raise a temperature of a portion of the formation to a pyrolysis temperature. The portion ma ...

Xiangfeng Duan, Hugh Daniels, Chunming Niu, Vijendra Sahi, James Hamilton, Linda T Romano: Methods of positioning and/or orienting nanostructures. Nanosys, Matthew B Murphy, Andrew L Filler, March 29, 2005: US06872645 (187 worldwide citation)

Methods of positioning and orienting nanostructures, and particularly nanowires, on surfaces for subsequent use or integration. The methods utilize mask based processes alone or in combination with flow based alignment of the nanostructures to provide oriented and positioned nanostructures on surfac ...

G Grady McBride, Robert J Jones, Scott D Koysh: Adjustable transverse connector. Spinal Concepts, Beth A Vrioni, March 29, 2005: US06872208 (185 worldwide citation)

A transverse connector may be attached to rods of an orthopedic stabilization system. The rods of the stabilization system may be non-parallel and skewed in orientation relative to each other. The transverse connector may include two members that are joined together by a fastener. The transverse con ...

Geoffrey T Haigh, Baoxing Chen: Non-optical signal isolator. Analog Devices, Iandiorio & Teska, March 29, 2005: US06873065 (183 worldwide citation)

A non-optical isolator having a driver circuit for providing an input signal to one or more first passive components which are coupled across a galvanic isolation barrier to one or more corresponding second passive components, and an output circuit that converts the signal from the second passive co ...

Edward Joseph Dobner, David Gerard Kuehr McLaren, Anthony Joseph Nadalin, Xiaoyan Zhang: Method and apparatus for establishing a secure communication connection between a java application and secure server. International Business Machines Corporation, Duke W Yee, Jeffrey S LaBaw, Stephen J Walder Jr, March 29, 2005: US06874084 (167 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for establishing a secure communication connection between a Java application or applet and a secure server is provided. An HTTPS handler is provided that may be used by Java applications or applets to establish secure communication connections with secure Web servers.

Douglas M Crockett, Eric C Rosen, Mark Maggenti: Method and an apparatus for adding a new member to an active group call in a group communication network. Qualcomm, Philip Wadsworth, Robert O Connell, John Ciccozzi, March 29, 2005: US06873854 (165 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for adding a member to an active call in a group communication network provides for receiving a member list from a user and sending a request to a server to add the member list to the active group call. The method and apparatus further provides for announcing each member in th ...

Osamu Yamanaka, Hiroshi Sugihara, Minoru Shibata, Shuichi Koyama, Masahiro Ono: Interior illuminating apparatus for vehicle. Toyoda Gosei, McGinn & Gibb PLLC, March 29, 2005: US06871986 (156 worldwide citation)

An interior illuminating apparatus for a vehicle includes an interior rear-view minor which is connected and fixed to an interior ceiling of the vehicle for observing the rear. An LED is provided in a vicinity of the interior rear-view mirror at a forward position in a traveling direction of the veh ...

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