Benjamin Mattes
Baohua Qi, Benjamin R Mattes: Multifunctional conducting polymer structures. Cochran Freund & Young, March 24, 2005: US20050062486-A1

The present invention includes the use of conducting polymers as sensors in distributed sensing systems, as sensors and operating elements in multifunctional devices, and for conducting-polymer based multifunctional sensing fabrics suitable for monitoring humidity, breath, heart rate, blood (locatio ...

Katherina Babich
Katherina E Babich, Alfred Grill, Arpan P Mahorowala, Dirk P Pfeiffer: Water and aqueous base soluble antireflective coating/hardmask materials. Paul D Greeley Esq, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle, March 24, 2005: US20050064322-A1

A multilayer lithographic structure which includes a substrate, having on a major surface thereof a first layer including a water and/or aqueous base soluble material which includes Ge, O, and H, and optionally X, wherein X is at least one of Si, N, and F; and disposed on the first layer a second la ...

Ozgur Yildirim
Ozgur Yildirim, Gilbert G Smith, Mike Steed: Managing bubbles in a fluid-delivery device. Hewlett Packard Company, March 24, 2005: US20050062816-A1

Methods and systems for managing bubbles in a micro electro mechanical systems device are described. One exemplary system includes a fluid-feed channel configured to supply fluid to a plurality of ejection chambers, individual ejection chambers comprising a resistor configured to eject fluid from th ...

Ozgur Yildirim
Ozgur Yildirim, Gilbert G Smith, Mike Steed: Managing bubbles in a fluid-ejection device. Hewlett Packard Development Company, March 24, 2005: US20050062814-A1

A device for managing bubbles in a fluid and methods of same are described. O ne exemplary m ethod sequentially energizes m ultiple electrical components primarily to move a bubble contained in a fluid and not primarily to vaporize the fluid. Responsive to said energizing, the method moves a thermal ...

Miller Cary James, Campbell John Lewis Emerson: Immunoassay device with immuno-reference electrode. I Stat Corporation, Miller Cary James, Campbell John Lewis Emerson, VILLACORTA Gilberto M, March 24, 2005: WO/2005/026689 (293 worldwide citation)

An electrochemical immunosensor system with reduced interference, comprising: a first immunosensor that generates an electrochemical signal based on the formation of a sandwich between an immobilized antibody, a target analyte and a labeled antibody, wherein a portion of the signal arises from non-s ...

Köhler Jess, Wangler Johannes, Brotsack Markus, Singer Wolfgang, Fiolka Damian, Maul Manfred: Illumination system for a microlithography projection exposure installation. Carl Zeiss Smt, Köhler Jess, Wangler Johannes, Brotsack Markus, Singer Wolfgang, Fiolka Damian, Maul Manfred, RUFF WILHELM BEIER DAUSTER Kronenstrasse 30 70174 Stuttgart, March 24, 2005: WO/2005/026843 (161 worldwide citation)

An illumination system for a microlithography projection exposure installation is used to illuminate an illumination field with the light from a primary light source (11). The illumination system has a light distribution device (25) which receives light from the primary light source and, from this l ...


Imbach Patricia, Roesel Johannes: (phenylamino) Pyrimidines useful in the treatment of proliferative disorders. Novartis, Novartis Pharma, Imbach Patricia, Roesel Johannes, GRUBB Philip, March 24, 2005: WO/2005/026130 (98 worldwide citation)

There is provided a method of preventing or treating proliferative disorders such as a tumor disease, by inhibiting ALK activity with compounds of formula (I) wherein X, R1, R2 , R3 , R4 , R5, R6, R7,R8 and R9 are as indicated in claim 1.

Yamaguchi Ikuhiro: Manufacturing method of transistor array substrate, and transistor array substrate. Casio Comput, March 24, 2005: JP2005-077822 (91 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simplify a manufacturing process of a transistor array substrate without reducing the numerical aperture of a pixel.SOLUTION: When the transistor array substrate 1 is formed, transistors 4 are patterned in a matrix shape. Impurity semiconductor films 12 and 13 of the transis ...

Lasensky Peter J: Systems and methods for communicating using voice messages. Pacific Datavision, Lasensky Peter J, KORNICZKY Stephen S, March 24, 2005: WO/2005/027472 (87 worldwide citation)

A communication system (100) comprises a communication device (2) configured to receive a data message, such as a text message, and to generate and send a voice reply to the data message using a simple transmission action. The data message comprises an identifier that can be used to determine a repl ...