Benjamin Mattes
Mattes Benjamin R, Qi Baohua: Multifunctional conducting polymer structures. Santa Fe Science And Technology, Mattes Benjamin R, Qi Baohua, FREUND Samuel M, February 10, 2005: WO/2005/011415 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes the use of conducting polymers as sensors in distributed sensing systems, as sensors and operating elements in multifunctional devices, and for conducting-polymer based multifunctional sensing fabrics suitable for monitoring humidity, breath, heart rate, blood (locatio ...

Jim Felton
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Artashes Amamchyan, Michael Brendan Power, Ronald L Dicarlo, James Edward Felton: Alkyl group VA metal compounds. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Edwards & Angell, February 10, 2005: US20050033073-A1

A method of preparing Group VA organometal compounds in high yield and high purity by the reaction of a Grignard reagent with a Group VA metal halide in certain ethereal solvents is provided. A method of preparing Group VA organometal hydrides is also provided.

Eb Eshun
Kobi Eshun, Partha Saha: System for discover of provisioning information by telephones in a frame switched network without a broadcast based protocol. Innomedia, Timothy P O Hagan, February 10, 2005: US20050031108-A1

When a customer premises internet telephony device (CPE) is manufactured, the factory stores a unique CPE ID number and a contact for a pre-provisioning server in non volatile memory of the CPE. At the time a CPE is purchased by a customer, an internet telephony service provider is selected and a pr ...

Katherina Babich
Katherina Babich, Arpan P Mahorowala, David R Medeiros, Dirk Pfeiffer: Lithographic antireflective hardmask compositions and uses thereof. International Business Machines Corporation, Ryan Mason & Lewis, February 10, 2005: US20050031964-A1

Compositions and techniques for the processing of semiconductor devices are provided. In one aspect of the invention, an antireflective hardmask composition is provided. The composition comprises a fully condensed polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane, {RSiO1.5}n, wherein n equals 8; and at least one chrom ...

Malini Batheja, Ph.D
Steven C Quay, Jorge C de Meireles, Malini Gupta, Shyam Vangala: Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of growth hormone. Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, February 10, 2005: US20050031549-A1

Pharmaceutical formulations are described comprising at least one growth hormone and one or more intranasal delivery-enhancing agents for enhanced nasal mucosal delivery of the growth hormone. In one aspect, the intranasal delivery formulations and methods provide enhanced delivery of growth hormone ...

Maricela Morales
James F Cameron, Peter Trefonas, George G Barclay, Jin Wuk Sung: Photoresists and methods for use thereof. Edwards & Angell, February 10, 2005: US20050032373-A1

New photoresists are provided that can be applied and imaged with reduced undesired outgassing and/or as thick coating layers. Preferred resists of the invention are chemically-amplified positive-acting resists that contain photoactive and resin components.

Chris Blackburn
Christopher W Blackburn, Rory L Block, Chih Hui Jan, James P Simmermon, Thomas A Gentles, Vikram Swamy, Terry D Warkentin: Message director service in a service-oriented gaming network environment. Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth PA, February 10, 2005: US20050032577-A1

A message director service for a gaming network including gaming machines provides systems and methods for processing messages between entities on the gaming network. The gaming services framework comprises a set of services, protocols, XML schemas, and methods for providing gaming system functional ...

Durga Malladi
Edward G Tiedemann, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Avinash Jain, Durga P Malladi, David Puig Oses, Peter Gaal, Serge Willenegger, Stein Lundby, Sandip Sarkar, Tao Chen, Yongbin Wei: Grant, acknowledgement, and rate control active sets. Qualcomm Incorporated, Patents Department, February 10, 2005: US20050030964-A1

Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for efficient management of grant, acknowledgement, and rate control channels. In one aspect, a list associated with a first station is generated or stored, the list comprising zero or more identifiers, each identifier identifying one of a plu ...

Durga Malladi
Edward G Tiedemann, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Avinash Jain, Durga P Malladi, David Puig Oses, Peter Gaal, Stein Lundby, Sandip Sarkar, Tao Chen, Yongbin Wei, Serge Willenegger: Combining grant, acknowledgement, and rate control commands. Qualcomm Incorporated, Patents Department, February 10, 2005: US20050030911-A1

Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for reduced overhead control with the ability to adjust transmission rates as necessary. In one aspect, a first signal indicates an acknowledgement of a decoded subpacket and whether or not a rate control command is generated, and a second sig ...

Tammy Balzar
Rebecca Lyn Dilnik, Dawn Lynn Ilnicki Houghton, Tammy Jo Balzar, Pamela Mary Thompson, Mary Rece Holt: Disposable and reusable pouf products. Kimberly Clark Worldwide, February 10, 2005: US20050031833-A1

The present invention is a poufable product that is capable of being converted into a pouf product. The poufable product is comprised of at least one flat ply of flexible sheet material having at least one side edge and at least one cord. The cord engages at least one ply of the flexible sheet mater ...