Nathaniel Brese
Nathaniel E Brese, Jitendra S Goela, Michael A Pickering: Silicon carbide with high thermal conductivity. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Edwards & Angell, January 6, 2005: US20050000412-A1

A chemical vapor deposited, β phase polycrystalline silicon carbide having a high thermal conductivity and reduced stacking faults. The silicon carbide is synthesized under specific conditions using hydrogen gas and methyltrichlorosilane gas as reactants. The thermal conductivity of the silicon carb ...

David Sherrer
Dan A Steinberg, Mindaugas F Dautartas, David W Sherrer: Method of fabricating optical filters. Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman, January 6, 2005: US20050003665-A1

A method of fabricating optical filter is disclosed. The method includes providing the substrate and selectively etching the substrate to form a plurality of freestanding layers. A plurality of dielectric layers is disposed over an outer surface of each of the freestanding layers. The resultant opti ...

Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, Kathleen B Spear Alfonso, Lujia Bu: Leveling agents for cast ferroelectric polymer films. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Edwards & Angell, January 6, 2005: US20050004302-A1

A substituted (meth)acrylic copolymer leveling agent is useful in producing a ferroelectric polymer film that is especially suitable for use in a data processing device. Also disclosed is a a casting composition which includes the leveling agent, a film stack, and a data processing device comprising ...

Durga Malladi
Yongbin Wei, Durga P Malladi, Stein Lundby, Tao Chen, Serge Willenegger: Systems and methods for hierarchically demodulating and decoding a data signal using a pilot signal and an additional signal. Qualcomm Incorporated, Patents Department, January 6, 2005: US20050002444-A1

Systems and methods for demodulating and decoding signals on a multi-path data channel using a pilot signal and at least one additional signal as a demodulation reference. One embodiment comprises a method in which a pilot signal is used to demodulate and decode an additional signal, and then both t ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Vikram Devdas, Hitesh Amin, John Diab, Marc Bennett, Ganesh Sundaram, Thomas Eric Ryle: Method and system for efficient flow control for client data frames over GFP across a SONET/SDH transport path. Cisco Technology, Ritter Lang & Kaplan, January 6, 2005: US20050002338-A1

A method and system for flow control of GFP-encapsulated client data frames over SONET/SDH transport networks is described. Transport interfaces, in the form of port cards, have FIFO buffers for receiving the GFP frames. In acknowledgment of the received frames, a transmitting transport interface re ...

Marcos Laraia
Greg Scott, J Marcos Laraia: Double-sided extended drain field effect transistor, and integrated overvoltage and reverse voltage protection circuit that uses the same. Workman Nydegger, January 6, 2005: US20050001672-A1

An integrated overvoltage and reverse voltage protection circuit that includes two p-channel double-sided extended drain transistors coupled to a high voltage source, each having their n-well coupled through a resistor to the high voltage source. For voltage regulation, a voltage divider is coupled ...

Kunz Roderick R, Sinta Roger, Switkes Michael: Optical fluids, and systems and methods of making and using the same. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kunz Roderick R, Sinta Roger, Switkes Michael, TAFT Kingsley L, January 6, 2005: WO/2005/001432 (391 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed towards a fluid composition comprising a perfluoroehter compound; the fluid composition has an absorbance of less than about 2 cm-1 at a wavelength of about 157 nm. The present invention also comprises an optical system, a semiconductor device, and methods of modify ...

Kolesnychenko Aleksey Yurievich, Van Der, Werf Jan Evert: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method. Asml Netherlands, Kolesnychenko Aleksey Yurievich, LEEMING John Gerard, January 6, 2005: WO/2005/001572 (184 worldwide citation)

Liquid is supplied to a space between the final element of the projection system and the substrate, but there is a space between the liquid and the substrate. An evanescent field is formed between the liquid and the substrate allowing some photons to expose the substrate. Due to the refractive index ...

Boecker Dirk, Freeman Dominique M, Alden Don, Shumann Matt, Beadman Mike: Method and apparatus for body fluid sampling and analyte sensing. Pelikan Technologies, Boecker Dirk, Freeman Dominique M, Alden Don, Shumann Matt, Beadman Mike, TUNG Hao Y, January 6, 2005: WO/2005/001418 (154 worldwide citation)

A body fluid sampling system is provided for use on a tissue site. In one embodiment, the system (10) comprises a cartridge (12); a penetrating member driver 34; a plurality of penetrating members (18) arranged in a radial configuration on the cartridge (12) such that sharpened distal tips of the pe ...

Khosravi Farhad, Bagaoisan Celso J, Ramee Stephen: Apparatus for sealing a vascular puncture. Accessclosure, Khosravi Farhad, Bagaoisan Celso J, Ramee Stephen, BURSE David T, January 6, 2005: WO/2005/000126 (122 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for sealing a puncture communicating with a blood vessel includes an inner member slidable within an outer member, and a balloon coupled to distal ends of the inner and outer members. A proximal end of the outer member includes a port for delivering fluid into the balloon, and a cylinde ...