Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Haba Belgacem: Semiconductor module with serial bus connection to multiple dies. Rambus, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, December 21, 2004: US06833984 (113 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor module is provided which includes a beat spreader, at least two semiconductors thermally coupled to the heat spreader, and a plurality of electrically conductive leads electrically connected to the semiconductors. At least one of the electrically conductive leads is common to both of ...


Carl Brock Brandenberg, Robert L Kay, Kenneth J Maxwell, R Brandon Cotter: Method and apparatus for scheduling presentation of digital content on a personal communication device. Melvin A Hunn, December 21, 2004: US06834195 (650 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus wherein a software scheduling agent resides on a communication network and/or client device, such as location-aware wireless communication appliances, television set top boxes, or other end user client devices is disclosed. The software scheduling agent is part of a probabilis ...

Robert C Gardiner, Charles P Barber, Eric Coleman, Michael Ehrhart, Colleen P Gannon, Robert J Hennick, William H Havens, Vivian L Hunter, Melvin D McCall, Thomas Ruhlman: Optical reader comprising multiple color illumination. Hand Held Products, Wall Marjama & Bilinski, December 21, 2004: US06832725 (508 worldwide citation)

An imaging module in one embodiment includes at least one multiple color emitting light source comprising a plurality of different colored LED dies each independently driveable so that the overall color emitted by the light source can be controlled and varied. The multiple color emitting light sourc ...

Vance E Ikezoye, James B Schrempp: Method and apparatus for identifying media content presented on a media playing device. Audible Magic Corporation, Sierra Patent Group, December 21, 2004: US06834308 (396 worldwide citation)

A system and method for identifying media content presented over a media playing device. The media content, such as, such as audio and/or video, is either available digitally or digitally sampled. The media content is sampled to generate a media sample or analytical representation of the media conte ...

Takao Myono: Multi-stage switched capacitor DC-DC converter. Sanyo Electric, Fish & Richardson P C, December 21, 2004: US06834001 (267 worldwide citation)

A three-stage switched capacitor DC-DC converter capable of generating an output boosted voltage in increments of less than power supply voltage. A first stage of the DC-DC converter comprises two capacitors and three switches, which alternate a connection of the two capacitors. The two capacitors a ...

Shankar Balasubramanian: Polynucleotide sequencing. Solexa, Klauber & Jackson, December 21, 2004: US06833246 (264 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the sequencing of a target polynucleotide sequence, immobilized on a solid support, using the polymerase reaction to extend a suitable primer and characterizing the sequential addition of labelled bases. The present invention further relates to the presence of a polymerase e ...

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A system for monitoring and configuring gaming devices interconnected over a high-speed network is disclosed. The system can support a file server, one or more floor controllers, one or more pit terminals, and other terminals all interconnected over the network. Each gaming device includes an electr ...


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A process/apparatus is disclosed for continuously separating a liquid medium comprising diluent and unreacted monomers from a polymerization effluent comprising diluent, unreacted monomers and polymer solids, comprising a continuous discharge of the polymerization effluent from a slurry reactor thro ...