Sremcich Paul S, Patel Navin K, Miller Keith E, Hampton John E, Peterson Darion: Method of manufacturing jaw assembly. Sherwood Serv, December 15, 2004: EP1486177-A2 (217 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a jaw member (110,120) for use with a jaw assembly (100) includes the step of: providing a jaw housing (116), an electrically conductive plate (112) and an insulated wire (311) for conducting a first electrical potential. The method also includes the step of: molding a firs ...

Swaelens Bart Filip Jos, Van Lierde Carl: Method and system for manufacturing a surgical guide. Materialise, December 15, 2004: EP1486900-A1 (145 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are described for (i) combining a computer planning based on one or more medical images of the patient with geometrical information of the supporting surfaces in digital format (ii) processing these data in order to obtain a digital design of a custom guiding template that (ii ...

Schelchuk Anne M: Device for improving cardiac funtion in heart failure or chf patients. Pacesetter, December 15, 2004: EP1486232-A2 (125 worldwide citation)

A device for decreasing workload, maintaining or increasing cardiac output and/or achieving a desirable autonomic balance by stimulating one or more parasympathetic nerves. One or more stimulation pulses is delivered postinspiration, and is based at least in part on the detection of one or more card ...

De Smit Joannes Theodoor, Banine Vadim, Bisschops Theodorus Hubertus J, Modderman Theodorus Marinus, Dierichs Marcel Mathijs Theodo: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method. Asml Netherlands, December 15, 2004: EP1486827-A2 (103 worldwide citation)

A lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method makes use of a high refractive index liquid confined in a reservoir 13 at least partly filling the imaging field between the final element of the projection lens and the substrate. Bubbles forming in the liquid from dissolved atmospheric gases ...

Kuriger Rex J: Diagnostic test strip for collecting and detecting an analyte in a fluid sample and method for using same. Bayer Healthcare, December 15, 2004: EP1486766-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

A test strip for use of the determination of an analyte in a fluid sample according to one embodiment of the present invention is disclosed. The test strip comprises a base having a top and a bottom, a collection chamber that extends between the top and the bottom of the base, a containing ring that ...

Botti Edoardo, Cagnetti Fabio: Multi-channel power amplifier with channels independently self-configuring bridge or single-ended output, particulary for audio applications. St Microelectronics, December 15, 2004: EP1487100-A1 (64 worldwide citation)

A multi-channel power amplifier for driving a plurality of loads, each associated to a respective channel, each channel comprising a pair of operational amplifiers, first and second, one operational amplifier of each channel being connectable by configuring switches either in a bridge configuration ...

Schrempp James B, Ikezoye Vance, Wold Erling H, Kvitek Louis: Method and apparatus for cache promotion. Audible Magic, December 15, 2004: EP1485815-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

A cache promotion system is disclosed. In one embodiment, a system may comprise at least one analysis module (202) for receiving a work from a plurality of sources and generating a corresponding representation thereof at least one First Tier identification ID server for identifying received works an ...

Rajalingham Premalasen: Multiple language text to speech processing. Seiko Epson, December 15, 2004: GB2402855-A (47 worldwide citation)

At present, a user of a mobile telephone initialises the same by selecting the operating language. This includes selecting the language of the TTS engine. This selection needs to be based upon the expected input text data. In more and more cases the text data is in a different language to that expec ...


周福顺, 王世珍: 分离式相变电散热器. 周福顺, 董金国, 石家庄新世纪, December 15, 2004: CN03269799.6 (43 worldwide citation)


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