Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Woelk Egbert, Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta V: Germanium compound. Rohm &Amp Haas Electronic Materials, December 9, 2004: JP2004-349684 (1 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide germanium compounds suitable for use as vapor deposition precursors for germanium films, and a method for depositing films containing germanium, using such compounds.SOLUTION: A halogermanium compound as a first germanium compound and other organic germanium compound ...

Robert Senzig
Fazle Ali, Jiang Hsieh, Robert F Senzig, Steven C Davis, Shawn P Faessler: Computed tomography fluoroscopy system. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, December 9, 2004: US20040247070-A1

A CT Fluoro system which, in one embodiment, includes an integrated controller, image reconstruction algorithms for increasing the speed of image display, and an enhanced image display, is described. The integrated controller enables the radiologist to maintain control of the system throughout the f ...

Marc Lanoiselee
Lanoiselee Marc, Louin Pierrick: (Fr) Procede et emetteur de radioffusion simultanee mettant en œuvre un pre-filtrage du signal numerique multiporteuse, (En) Method and simultaneous radio broadcast transmitter using a pre-filtering of the multi-carrier digital signal. Tdf, Lanoiselee Marc, Louin Pierrick, BIORET L, December 9, 2004: WO/2004/107603

(EN) The invention relates to a radio broadcast method for a multi-carrier digital signal (51), occupying a first frequency band adjacent to at least one second frequency band, each allocated for a second signal (52, 53), said, or at least one of said second signals being an analogue radio broadcast ...

Chris Blackburn
Christopher W Blackburn, Rory L Block, Chih Hui Jan, James P Simmermon, Thomas A Gentles, Vikram Swamy, Terry D Warkentin: Accounting service in a service-oriented gaming network environment. Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth PA, December 9, 2004: US20040248645-A1

An accounting service for a gaming network including gaming machines provides systems and methods for retrieving accounting information such as gaming machine meter information from gaming machines on the gaming network. The gaming services framework comprises a set of services, protocols, XML schem ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Zhiyuan Cheng, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Semiconductor-on-insulator article and method of making same. Gauthier & Connors, December 9, 2004: US20040245571-A1

A semiconductor structure includes a substrate. A first semiconductor layer is formed on the substrate and being converted into a porous layer. The porous layer is further oxidized to form a buried oxide layer.

Meagher Edward C: Anastomotic staple with fluid dispensing capillary. Tyco Healthcare Group, Meagher Edward C, DOUGLAS E Denninger Esq, December 9, 2004: WO/2004/105621 (408 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastener for use with an anastomosis of two tissues includes a base leg and an upright leg. The base leg is selectively deformable and includes a traumatic tip for piecing tissue. The surgical fastener also includes at least one capillary disposed on the base leg which has a reservoir def ...

Shima Kiyoteru, Kumasaka Hideo: External forceps channel device for endoscope. Shima Kiyoteru, TOKITA Susumu, December 9, 2004: WO/2004/105593 (346 worldwide citation)

The present invention was made in the light of the foregoing backgrounds, and an object thereof is to provide a forceps channel add-on device for an endoscope, provided on an outer periphery of an insertion portion of the endoscope. The forceps channel add-on device for an endoscope is an external f ...

Shelton Frederick E Iv, Setser Michael E, Hemmelgarn Brian J: Surgical stapler having separate closing and firing systems. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 9, 2004: JP2004-344663 (294 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an improved surgical stapler / severing instrument that properly space an end effector and allows opening and closing of the end effector without firing.SOLUTION: A surgical stapler / severing instrument clamps tissue within the end effector of an elongate channel pi ...

Yoshitake Osamu, Miyazaki Hiroshi, Saikawa Shinya, Yamada Yu: (Ja) 有機電界発光素子, (En) Organic electroluminescent element. Nippon Steel Chemical, Yoshitake Osamu, Miyazaki Hiroshi, Saikawa Shinya, Yamada Yu, NARUSE Katsuo, December 9, 2004: WO/2004/107822 (209 worldwide citation)

(EN) An organic electroluminescent element comprising a substrate and, superimposed thereon, a positive electrode, an organic layer and a negative electrode, wherein at least one organic layer is a luminescent layer containing a host agent and a doping agent and wherein an azole compound having an o ...

Dodoc Aurelian, Schuster Karl Heinz, Mallmann Jörg, Ulrich Wilhelm, Rostalksi Hans Jürgen: (De) Mikrolithographische projektionsbelichtungsanlage, (En) Microlithographic projection exposure system. Carl Zeiss Smt, Dodoc Aurelian, Schuster Karl Heinz, Mallmann Jörg, Ulrich Wilhelm, Rostalksi Hans Jürgen, SCHWANHÄUSSER Gernot, December 9, 2004: WO/2004/107048 (153 worldwide citation)

(EN) A microlithographic projection exposure system contains a lighting device (12) for producing a projection light (13) and a projection objective (20; 220; 320; 420; 520; 620; 720; 820; 920; 1020; 1120), with which a reticle (24), which can be placed in an object plane (22) of the projection obje ...