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A data storage system receives sets of the revisions such that each set of revisions changes the dataset from one consistent state to another. Each set of revisions is processed in a write-selected phase followed by a read-selected phase. In the write-selected phase, the revisions in each set are wr ...

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System and method for distributed network address translation in a network telephony system. A first network phone with a first protocol, requests at least one locally unique port from a first network device. The first network phone and the first network device are located on a first network. The fi ...

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A keyterm search is a method of searching a database for subsets of the database that are relevant to an input query. First, a number of relational models of subsets of a database are provided. A query is then input. The query can include one or more keyterms. Next, a gleaning model of the query is ...

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The universal platform for the SDR of the present invention employs the direct conversion approach with the n-port MMIC followed by reconfigurable reprogrammable devices such as DSP's or FPGA's. The universal platform is based on the linear operation of the devices. Thus, the DC offset pro ...

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A method includes determining a first transfer function that characterizes a distortion introduced by a serial bus. A filter is designed to substantially cancel the distortion introduced by the first transfer function, and a signal is transmitted to the serial bus through the filter.

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A stent having helical elements, a geometry for improved crimping, and a good stent-to-vessel ratio is disclosed. In one embodiment, the stent has a plurality of first helical segments and a plurality of second opposing helical segments. The first helical segments are comprised of a plurality of fir ...

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One inventive aspect pertains to a watermarking mechanism that allows a watermark to be determined from only a part of the video sequence without human intervention and without reference to the original watermarked frames. This watermark has improved invisibility, detection reliability and robustnes ...

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The present invention provides a mobile data communication system which couples application specific remote data sources and mobile devices via an internet based server. An interface is provided by the server for extracting data from the application specific remote data sources. The extracted data i ...

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A device used to accept an operator input to a computing device is disclosed. The device includes a first layer that includes a translucent, two-dimensional cover. Additionally included is a second layer in which a plurality of surfaces is constructed using a translucent and conductive material. The ...

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A multizone, segmented showerhead provides a gas impingement flux distribution which is controllable in two lateral dimensions to achieve programmable uniformity in chemical vapor deposition, in plasma deposition and etching and other processes. Recirculation (pumping) of exhaust gases back through ...