Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne Scott: Apparatus and method for forming inflated containers. Sealed Air Corporation, Thomas C Lagaly, October 19, 2004: US06804933 (19 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for forming inflated containers generally includes a mechanism that conveys a web of film along a path of travel, the film web including one or more pre-formed flexible containers; an inflation assembly positioned adjacent the travel path to direct gas into the containers, thereby formi ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Andrew Y Kim, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Method of producing device quality (Al)InGaP alloys on lattice-mismatched substrates. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gauthier & Connors, October 19, 2004: US06805744 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a semiconductor structure including providing a single crystal semiconductor substrate of GaP, and fabricating a graded composition buffer including a plurality of epitaxial semiconductor In



David G Watters, David L Huestis, Alfred J Bahr: Wireless event-recording device with identification codes. SRI International, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, October 19, 2004: US06806808 (425 worldwide citation)

A wireless recording device can be interrogated to determine its identity and its state. The state indicates whether a particular physical or chemical event has taken place. In effect, the physical or chemical event is recorded by the device. The identity of the device allows it to be distinguished ...

Hadi Partovi, Roderick Steven Brathwaite, Angus Macdonald Davis, Michael S McCue, Brandon William Porter, John Giannandrea, Eckart Walther, Anthony Accardi, Zhe Li: Method and apparatus for content personalization over a telephone interface. Tellme Networks, October 19, 2004: US06807574 (409 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for providing personalized information content over telephones is described. The creation of a voice portal is supported by the invention. Embodiments of the invention use telephone identifying information such as the calling party's number to identify, or create, user pr ...

George G Mueller, Ihor Lys: Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Lowrie Lando & Anastasi, October 19, 2004: US06806659 (384 worldwide citation)

Illumination apparatus and networks of the same including a number of different embodiments. In one embodiment, the illumination apparatus comprises a plurality of LEDs including at least two different colors; a switching device, interposed between the LEDs and a common potential reference, includin ...

Gregory P Hassett, Jason Douglas, Max Mancini: Utilization of information “push” technology. Pointcast, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, October 19, 2004: US06807558 (333 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and computer-implemented method for distributing information to a plurality of client devices on a network is disclosed. The computer-implemented method includes the steps of: 1) receiving a variety of information from a plurality of sources, 2) organizing the variety of information int ...

Brent J Bos, Kenneth Schofield, Mark L Larson, Niall R Lynam: Interior rearview mirror system including a forward facing video device. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, October 19, 2004: US06806452 (331 worldwide citation)

An interior rearview mirror system suitable for use in a vehicle includes a interior rearview mirror assembly adapted for attachment to an interior portion of the vehicle. The interior rearview mirror assembly includes a housing and a reflective element included within the housing. The mirror system ...

Larry Routhenstein, Roy L Anderson, William R Bryant, Jacob Y Wong: Method for generating customer secure card numbers subject to use restrictions by an electronic card. October 19, 2004: US06805288 (294 worldwide citation)

A method for providing secure transactions generates a Secure Card Number (“SCN”) for a first entity that is transferred with a first entity identifier to a second entity and then to a money source that verifies that the transaction is valid by use of the first entity identifier and the SCN. The SCN ...