Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vinayak, Power Michael Brendan: Specific organometallic compound suitable for using in deposition process. Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials, October 12, 2004: KR1020040022845

PURPOSE: To provide an organometallic compound suitably used as a vapor phase deposition precursor for IV group metal-containing films, and a method for depositing IV group metal-containing films using a specific organometallic precursor, wherein the IV group metal-containing films are particularly ...

Dana Gronbeck
Dana A Gronbeck, George G Barclay, Leo L Linehan, Kao Xiong, Subbareddy Kanagasabapathy: Photoimageable composition. Shipley Company L L C, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards & Angell, October 12, 2004: US06803171 (25 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are photoimageable compositions containing silsesquioxane binder polymers and photoactive compounds, methods of forming relief images using such compositions and methods of manufacturing electronic devices using such compositions. Such compositions are useful as photoresists and in the man ...


Shannon Jones, Richard Gorman, Jesse Ambrose, Joseph Harb, Chris Haven: Method and system for accessing CRM data via voice. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, October 12, 2004: US06804330 (904 worldwide citation)

A system and method for providing access to CRM data via a voice interface. In one embodiment, the system includes a voice recognition unit and a speech processing server that work together to enable users to interact with the system using voice commands guided by navigation context sensitive voice ...

Csaba Truckai, John H Shadduck: Electrosurgical working end with resistive gradient electrodes. Townsend and Townsend and Crew, October 12, 2004: US06802843 (607 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical working end and method for transecting an anatomic structure along a targeted line and for creating a thermal welds along either of both transected tissue margins, for example for use in a partial lung resection procedure. In one embodiment, the working end provides elongate curve ...

Markus Haller, Bozidar Ferek Petric, Adrianus P Donders: System and method of communicating between an implantable medical device and a remote computer system or health care provider. Medtronic, Girma Wolde Michael, Daniel G Chapik, October 12, 2004: US06804558 (397 worldwide citation)

A medical information communication system and corresponding methods are described. The system permits monitoring the performance of an implantable medical device (IMD) implanted within a body of a patient, monitoring the health of the patient, or remotely delivering a therapy to the patient through ...

Anthony Sabo: Alignment independent and self aligning inductive power transfer system. Samuel Shipkovitz, Laubscher & Laubscher, October 12, 2004: US06803744 (387 worldwide citation)

An inductive power transfer device is provided for recharging cordless appliances. The device includes a plurality of inductors arranged in an array and connected with a power supply via switches which are selectively operable to activate the respective inductors. The inductors serve as the primary ...

Sung Kw n Jung, Richard H Sanger, Peter J S Smith, John R Pepperell: Self-referencing enzyme-based microsensor and method of use. Marine Biological Laboratory, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, October 12, 2004: US06802957 (376 worldwide citation)

A micron-scale self-referencing microsensor is disclosed which uses an enzyme-based electrode to measure the flux of an electrochemically inactive analyte such as glucose. The electrode oscillates between at least two positions. In the presence of the analyte, the enzyme generates a species detectab ...

Gerald Morrison, Manvinder Singh: Passive touch system and method of detecting user input. Smart Technologies, Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman, October 12, 2004: US06803906 (373 worldwide citation)

A passive touch system includes a passive touch surface and at least two cameras associated with the touch surface. The at least two cameras acquire images of the touch surface from different locations and have overlapping fields of view. A processor receives and processes images acquired by the at ...

Marvin J Slepian: Sensing, interrogating, storing, telemetering and responding medical implants. Endoluminal Therapeutics, Pabst Patent Group, October 12, 2004: US06802811 (357 worldwide citation)

Implants and implants, including sensors responsive to pressure, fluid flow, concentration of analytes, pH and other variables, including a feedback loop and means for modifying the implant after placement in a patient in response to measurements made using the sensors, have been developed. These ar ...