Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vina, Power Michael Brendan: Organometallic germanium compounds suitable for use in vapor deposition processes. Rohm &Amp, Haas Elect Materials, October 6, 2004: EP1464724-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

Organometallic compounds suitable for use as vapor phase deposition precursors for Group IV metal-containing films are provided. Methods of depositing Group IV metal-containing films using certain organometallic precursors are also provided. Such Group IV metal-containing films are particularly usef ...

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Woelk Egbert, Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vina: Germanium compounds suitable for use in vapor deposition processes. Rohm & Haas Elect Materials, October 6, 2004: EP1464725-A2 (7 worldwide citation)

Germanium compounds suitable for use as vapor phase deposition precursors for germanium films are provided. Methods of depositing films containing germanium using such compounds are also provided. Such germanium films are particularly useful in the manufacture of electronic devices.

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vina: Process for the preparation of germanium compounds. Rohm &Amp, Haas Elect Materials, October 6, 2004: EP1464647-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

Methods of preparing Group IVA and Group VIA organometallic compounds, particularly Group IVA organometallic compounds, are provided. Such manufacturing methods employ an amine and/or phosphine catalyst in a transalkylation step and may be performed in a batch, semi-continuous or continuous manner.

Kwon Oh Kyong: Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof. Samsung SDI, October 6, 2004: EP1465143-A2 (142 worldwide citation)

A light emitting display for compensating for the threshold voltage of transistor or mobility and fully charging a data line. A transistor and first through third switches are formed on a pixel circuit of an organic EL display. The transistor supplies a driving current for emitting an organic EL ele ...

Jacquet Xavier, Gardette Andre: Method of constructing a cylindrical metal storage tank, and device for implementing this method. Const Soudees Du Coteau Csc, October 6, 2004: EP1464418-A1 (95 worldwide citation)

The method involves receiving a metallic band (5) from a spool (40) on a number of motorized rolling tables (8). The tables are regularly divided at a periphery of a metallic envelope to be designed and intended to ensure a progression of the band according to a cylindrical profile. A circumferentia ...

Lee Jin Yub: Nonvolatile memory with page copy capability and method thereof. Samsung Electronics, October 6, 2004: EP1465203-A1 (89 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is a NAND flash memory with the function of error checking and correction during a page copy operation. The NAND flash memory is able to prohibit transcription of erroneous bits to a duplicate page from a source page. Embodiments of the inventive flash memory include a correction circ ...


Nguyen Philip D, Barton Johnny A, Isenberg O Marlene: Methods and compositions for consolidating proppant in subterranean fractures. Halliburton Energy Serv, October 6, 2004: EP1464789-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

Proppant particles are coated on-the-fly with a hardenable resin composition, suspended in a fracturing fluid, and consolidated after being placed in fractures. These methods and compositions are especially suitable for low temperature wells, e.g. those in the 60 DEG F to 225 DEG F range. Preferably ...

Yamada Kazuhiro, Watanabe Nobuyuki, Tsuda Masayuki, Kamiya Dai, Asai Mao, Miura Fumiaki, Washio Satoshi, Tomioka Atsuki, Kawabata Hiroshi, Kondo Takashi: Content delivery method and content delivery system. NTT Docomo, October 6, 2004: EP1465039-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

Mobile unit 16 which can activate Java-AP software receives SDF (Security Descriptive File) 204 from administering server unit 18 which a trustworthy organization (a communication provider which administers mobile packet communication network 15) administers, and obtains ADF 205 from IP server unit ...

Sage Burton H, Connelly Robert I: Low-profile automatic injection device with self-emptying reservoir. Becton Dickinson Co, October 6, 2004: EP1464351-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

A device for delivering a liquid therapeutic preparation into the body of a patient by injection into or through the skin of the patient comprises a low-profile housing having a bottom surface adapted to be brought into contact with the skin of the patient. A reservoir including a Belleville spring ...