Robert Senzig
Fazle Ali, Jiang Hsieh, Robert F Senzig, Steven C Davis, Shawn P Faessler: Computed tomography fluoroscopy system. General Electric Company, Carl B Horton Esq, Armstrong Teasdale, October 5, 2004: US06801594 (21 worldwide citation)

A CT Fluoro system which, in one embodiment, includes an integrated controller, image reconstruction algorithms for increasing the speed of image display, and an enhanced image display, is described. The integrated controller enables the radiologist to maintain control of the system throughout the f ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer: Optical connector system. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, October 5, 2004: US06799897 (7 worldwide citation)

A system for aligning two optical connectors includes first and second connectors each having optical components housed therein. The first connector has V-shaped opposite side walls which define grooves therealong. The second connector has a pair of recesses defined in the front face which are dimen ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Methods of making anisotropic conductive elements for use in microelectronic packaging. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, October 5, 2004: US06800537 (2 worldwide citation)

A layer of an anisotropic material has a pair of substantially flat oppositely-directed major faces, a vertical direction extending between the faces and horizontal directions transverse to the vertical direction, the layer including a dielectric material and a plurality of conductive particles in t ...

Timothy L Jackson, Tim E Murphy: Semiconductor dice having back side redistribution layer accessed using through-silicon vias, and assemblies. Micron Technology, TraskBritt, October 5, 2004: US06800930 (416 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of rerouting redistribution lines from an active surface of a semiconductor substrate to a back surface thereof and assembling and packaging individual and multiple semiconductor dice with such rerouted redistribution lines formed thereon. The semiconductor substrate includes ...

Nestor Voronka, Charles J Jacobus: Optical body tracker. Cybernet Systems Corporation, Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC, October 5, 2004: US06801637 (389 worldwide citation)

An optical system tracks the motion of objects, including the human body or portions thereof using a plurality of three-dimensional active markers based upon triangulation from data read via multiple linear CCDs through cylindrical lenses. Each marker is lit in sequence so that it is in sync with a ...

Shridhara Alva Karinka, Isabella Moser, Gerhard Jobst, Uwe Tietjen, Panagiota S Petrou, Uwe Herberth, Gerald Urban: Sensor having electrode for determining the rate of flow of a fluid. Abbott Laboratories, David L Weinstein, October 5, 2004: US06801041 (365 worldwide citation)

Sensors that are capable measuring the rate of flow of a fluid that passes over the electrodes of the sensor. In these sensors, an electrode, designated the flow rate-determining electrode, is used in conjunction with the conventional electrodes, e.g., the working electrode, the reference electrode, ...

Stephane H Maes, David M Lubensky, Andrzej Sakrajda: Universal IP-based and scalable architectures across conversational applications using web services for speech and audio processing resources. International Business Machines Corporation, F Chau & Associates, October 5, 2004: US06801604 (330 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for conversational computing and, in particular, to systems and methods for building distributed conversational applications using a Web services-based model wherein speech engines (e.g., speech recognition) and audio I/O systems are programmable services that can be asynchronous ...

Mike Moran, Tauras Liubinskas, Jack Goral: Application performance monitoring expert. Networks Associates Technology, Kevin J Zilka, Christopher J Hamaty, Silicon Valley IP Group PC, October 5, 2004: US06801940 (302 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for expert application performance analysis. An application is monitored. Performance data is gathered during the monitoring. A set of metrics is generated based on the performance data. A performance of the application is measured from at ...

Jehoshua Bruck, Vasken Bohossian, Chenggong Charles Fan, Paul LeMahieu, Philip Love: Distributed server cluster with graphical user interface. Rainfinity, Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe, October 5, 2004: US06801949 (292 worldwide citation)

A scalable, distributed, highly available, load balancing server system having multiple machines is provided that functions as a front server layer between a network (such as the Internet) and a back-end server layer having multiple machines functioning as Web file servers, FTP servers, or other app ...

John Acres: Method for providing incentive to play gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer. Acres Gaming Incorporated, Marger Johnson & McCollom P C, October 5, 2004: US06800030 (262 worldwide citation)

A card reader is associated with each gaming machine on a network and a card is associated with each player. A player account accessible by a host computer on the network is created that associates the player's card with the account. A promotional credit is applied to the player's account. ...

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