Craig Allen
Craig Allen Kukuk: Multi-functional law enforcement tool. Craig Kukuk, September 23, 2004: US20040184260-A1

The invention is a multifunctional law enforcement tool, which preferably includes several of the tools needed by law enforcement and security personnel. In one embodiment the multifunctional tool comprising a flashlight, stun gun, deterrent spray, glass breaker, I.D. holder, deterrent spray taser a ...

Craig Allen
Rodolfo Ernesto Kilian, Allen Craig Todd: Two phase anaerobic organic matter treatment and system. Dennis W Beech, Law Offices Of Dennis W Beech, September 23, 2004: US20040182779-A1

The process and system may have an organic matter influent introduced into an acid reactor. The acid reactor may be maintained under conditions to facilitate creation of volatile acids in a fluid having water and suspended solids forming a sludge effluent. The sludge effluent may be communicated to ...

Chris Blackburn
Rory L Block, Christopher W Blackburn, Chih Hui Jan, James P Simmermon, Terry D Warkentin: Gaming terminal network with a message director. Michael J Blankstein, September 23, 2004: US20040185936-A1

A method and apparatus in a gaming network for transmitting event messages from gaming terminals to a central server and, consequently, routing each event message to an appropriate application. The system may include multiple gaming function specific servers with multiple applications on each server ...

Rolland Jason P, Desimone Joseph M: Immersion lithography methods using carbon dioxide. University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, Rolland Jason P, Desimone Joseph M, BIGEL Mitchell S, September 23, 2004: WO/2004/081666 (364 worldwide citation)

A substrate is patterned by performing immersion lithography on a photoresist layer on the substrate using carbon dioxide. The immersion layer may be provided and/or removed and/or the photoresist layer may be developed, dried and/or removed using carbon dioxide. The immersion layer can include liqu ...



Hwang Sung Hee, Ko Jung Wan, Lee Kyung Geun: Write once disc, method of managing data area of write once disc, and apparatus and method for reproducing data therefor. Samsung Electronics, LEE Young Pil, September 23, 2004: WO/2004/081926 (64 worldwide citation)

A write once disc allowing management of a data area, a method of managing the data area of the write once disc, an apparatus recording data on the write once disc, an apparatus and method of reproducing data from a write once disc. The write once disc, includes a lead-in zone, a data area, and a le ...

Stack Richard S, Silverstein Fred E, Every Nathan, Athas William L, Williams Michael S, Glenn Richard A, Lunsford John, Balbierz Dan: Method and apparatus for modifying the exit orifice of a satiation pouch. Synecor, FROST Kathleen A, September 23, 2004: WO/2004/080336 (57 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic device is described that is positionable within the gastro-esophageal junction region (6) of a patient. The prosthetic device includes a proximal opening (12) and a distal orifice (14) that is adjustable in size prior to and/or following implantation. During use, the prosthetic device i ...

Girardet Jean Luc, Koh Yung Hyo, An Haoyun, Hong Zhi: Cytidine analogs and methods of use. Ribapharm, Girardet Jean Luc, Koh Yung Hyo, An Haoyun, Hong Zhi, RUTAN PO Box 1950 611 Anton Blvd Fourteenth Floor Costa Mesa CA 92628 1950, September 23, 2004: WO/2004/080466 (55 worldwide citation)

Cytidine analogs, their prodrugs and/or metabolites are employed as pharmaceutically active compounds for treatment of diseases responsive to such compounds. Particularly preferred diseases include viral diseases (e.g., HCV infection) and neoplasms.

Imamura Masakazu, Murakami Takeshi, Shiraki Ryota, Ikegai Kazuhiro, Sugane Takashi, Iwasaki Fumiyoshi, Kurosaki Eiji, Tomiyama Hiroshi, Noda Atsushi, Kitta Kayoko, Kobayashi Yoshinori: (Ja) c-グリコシド誘導体又はその塩, (En) C-glycoside derivatives and salts thereof. Astellas Pharma, Kotobuki Pharmaceutical, Imamura Masakazu, Murakami Takeshi, Shiraki Ryota, Ikegai Kazuhiro, Sugane Takashi, Iwasaki Fumiyoshi, Kurosaki Eiji, Tomiyama Hiroshi, Noda Atsushi, Kitta Kayoko, Kobayashi Yoshinori, WATANABE Kazuhira, September 23, 2004: WO/2004/080990 (54 worldwide citation)

(EN) A C-glycoside derivative represented by the following general formula (I) or its salt which is a compound useful as a Na+-glucose co-transportation inhibitor in a remedy for, e.g., diabetes, in particular, insulin-independent diabetes (type 2 diabetes) and insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1 dia ...

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