Hsi-Hsun Tsai
Win Yann Jang, His Hsun Tsai: Device and method for measuring angle of slant surface of an optical component. U Conn Technology, Pro Techtor International, September 21, 2004: US06795612

The invention is a device for measuring angle of slant surface of an optical component and a method used therein. The slant surface of the optical component faces exactly toward the slant surface of a standard GRIN Lens and the optical component is spaced from the standard GRIN Lens by a fixed dista ...

Mark W Miles: Method for fabricating a structure for a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device. Iridigm Display Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, September 21, 2004: US06794119 (518 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a microfabrication process which may be used to manufacture a MEMS device. The process comprises depositing one or a stack of layers on a base layer, said one layer or an uppermost layer in said stack of layers being a sacrificial layer; patterning said one or a stack of layer ...

Michael P Whitman, John E Burbank, David A Zeichner: Electro-mechanical surgical device. Power Medical Interventions, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 21, 2004: US06793652 (453 worldwide citation)

An electro-mechanical surgical device includes: a housing; an elongated shaft extending from the housing, a distal end of the elongated shaft being detachably coupleable to a surgical instrument; at least two axially rotatable drive shafts disposed within the elongated shaft, a distal end of each of ...

Beng Hong Lim, Edouard Bugnion, Scott W Devine: Mechanism for restoring, porting, replicating and checkpointing computer systems using state extraction. VMWare, Jeffrey Pearce, September 21, 2004: US06795966 (327 worldwide citation)

A computer system is interrupted, and its entire state information is extracted as one or more checkpoints at one or more respective points during operation of the system. The checkpoint may be restored into the system at any later time, even multiple times, and it may also even be loaded into one o ...

Andras Konya, Hideki Hyodoh, Kenneth C Wright: Methods for creating woven devices. Board of Regents The University of Texas System, Fulbright & Jaworski L, September 21, 2004: US06792979 (303 worldwide citation)

Self-expandable, woven intravascular devices for use as stents (both straight and tapered), filters (both temporary and permanent) and occluders for insertion and implantation into a variety of anatomical structures. The devices may be formed from shape memory metals such as nitinol. The devices may ...

Jin Po Lee, Tong Yuh Huang: Biosensors having improved sample application and measuring properties and uses thereof. Tyson Bioresearch, Morrison & Foerster, September 21, 2004: US06793802 (280 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to biosensors having improved sample application and measuring properties and their uses for detection, preferably, quantitative measurement, of analyte in a liquid sample. In particular, the invention provides for a biosensor having a sample application and reaction ch ...

Hallett H Mathews: Systems and methods for fixation of adjacent vertebrae. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, September 21, 2004: US06793656 (273 worldwide citation)

A method for internal fixation of vertebra of the spine to facilitate graft fusion includes steps for excising the nucleus of an affected disc, preparing a bone graft, instrumenting the vertebrae for fixation, and introducing the bone graft into the resected nuclear space. Disc resection is conducte ...

Jesper Wengel, Poul Nielsen: Oligonucleotide analogues. Exiqon, Peter F Corless, Robert L Buchanan, Edwards & Angell, September 21, 2004: US06794499 (267 worldwide citation)

Novel oligomers, and synthesis thereof, comprising one or more bi-, tri, or polycyclic nucleoside analogues are disclosed herein. The nucleoside analogues have a “locked” structure, termed Locked Nucleoside Analogues (LNA). LNA's exhibit highly desirable and useful properties. LNA's are ca ...

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An exposure apparatus having a plurality of projection optical systems where each of the projection optical systems projects a predetermined pattern onto a substrate and forms an exposure field on the substrate. The exposure apparatus also includes a substrate stage which holds the substrate and whi ...

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A device and method for lancing a patient, virtually simultaneously producing and collecting a small fluid sample from a body. The device comprises a blood collection system including a lancing needle (