Brian Goodall
Brian L Goodall, Saikumar Jayaraman, Robert A Shick, Larry F Rhodes: Photoresist compositions comprising polycyclic polymers with acid labile pendant groups. Sumitomo Bakelite, Hudak Shunk & Farine Co, September 14, 2004: US06790579 (51 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a radiation sensitive photoresist composition comprising a photoacid initiator and a polycyclic polymer comprising repeating units that contain pendant acid labile groups. Upon exposure to an imaging radiation source the photoacid initiator generates an acid which cl ...

Sanjay Chaturvedi
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Anne Mae Gaffney, Scott Han, Michele Doreen Heffner, Ruozhi Song: Ir and/or Sm promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst. Rohm and Haas Company, Alan Holler, Kenneth Crimaldi, September 14, 2004: US06790988 (7 worldwide citation)

A catalyst comprising a promoted mixed metal oxide is useful for the vapor phase oxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated carboxylic acid and for the vapor phase ammoxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated nitrile.


James R Mault, Noel Johnson, John Sanderson: Physiological monitor and associated computation, display and communication unit. Healthetech, Cooley Godward, September 14, 2004: US06790178 (970 worldwide citation)

Various physiological monitor modules are provided for use with computing devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs). In some embodiments, the personal digital assistant provides the controls, display, and processing circuitry for the physiological monitor module. The personal digital assist ...

Mohamed Diab, Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, David R Tobler, Thomas J Gerhardt, Eugene E Mason, Mike A Mills: Low-noise optical probes for reducing light piping. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 14, 2004: US06792300 (520 worldwide citation)

An optical probe, which is particularly suited to reduce noise in measurements taken on an easily compressible material, such as a finger, a toe, a forehead, an earlobe, or a lip, measures characteristics of the material. A neonatal and adult disposable embodiment of the probe include adhesive coate ...

Eric Berreklouw: Fixing device, in particular for fixing to vascular wall tissue. Young & Thompson, September 14, 2004: US06790229 (484 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a cardiac prosthesis fixing device made up of a tubular element that can be accommodated inside a valve annulus of a heart and is provided with a bottom flange and top flange, between which the valve annulus can be accommodated. According to the invention the bottom flange i ...

Friedhelm Beyersdorf, Georg Lutter: Vascular implant. Universitatsklinikum Freiburg, Volpe and Koenig P C, September 14, 2004: US06790230 (455 worldwide citation)

An anchoring element including a replacement heart valve for the purposes of intraluminal anchoring of the heart valve element to mammalian hearts, the anchoring element having a small enough initial volume prior to its placement that it can be brought to its point of use using a catheter through a ...

Vahid Saadat, Richard C Ewers, Eugene G Chen: Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy. USGI Medical, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, September 14, 2004: US06790173 (445 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods are provided for placing and advancing a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in a hollow body organ of a tortuous or unsupported anatomy, comprising a handle, an overtube, a distal region having an atraumatic tip. The overtube may be removable from the handle, and have a longi ...

Lynn T Rowe, John A Heinen, Peter A Ernst, Gary H Olson: Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system. New Horizons Telecasting, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, September 14, 2004: US06792615 (310 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are systems and methods for creating and distributing programming content carried by a digital streaming media to be a plurality of remote nodes located over a large geographic area to create customized broadcast quality programming at the remote nodes. At the remote nodes, a multi-window ...

Edward Brittain Stokes, Thomas Francis McNulty, Daniel Darcy Doxsee, Alok Mani Srivastava, Lionel Monty Levinson, Anil Raj Duggal: Solid state illumination system containing a light emitting diode, a light scattering material and a luminescent material. General Electric Company, Foley & Lardner, September 14, 2004: US06791259 (277 worldwide citation)

A lamp containing a radiation source, a luminescent material and a radiation scattering material located between the radiation source and the luminescent material is provided. The lamp may be a white emitting lamp. The radiation source may be a blue emitting LED. The luminescent material may be a ye ...