Fred Thomas
Kim B Edwards, George T Krieger, Fred Thomas III, Brent J Watson: Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions. Iomega Corporation, James T Hagler, August 31, 2004: US06785091 (3 worldwide citation)

A system for exchanging digital data among a plurality of hand-held computer devices. Digital signals are written by a first hand-held device to a mini-cartridge that mini-cartridge is inter-operable among a class of hand-held device, each of which is equipped with a mini disk drive. A common digita ...


Stephen C Anderson, Christopher A Julian: Robotic surgical tool with ultrasound cauterizing and cutting instrument. Intuitive Surgical, Nathan S Cassell Esq, Townsend&Townsend&CrewLLP, August 31, 2004: US06783524 (794 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for enhancing robotic surgery generally includes an elongate shaft with an ultrasound probe, an end effector at the distal end of the shaft, and a base at the proximal end of the shaft. The end effector includes an ultrasound probe tip and the surgical instrument is generally c ...

Eric C Peters, Stanley Rabinowitz, Herbert R Jacobs: Computer system and process for transferring streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner. Avid Technology, Peter J Gordon, August 31, 2004: US06785768 (615 worldwide citation)

Multiple applications request data from multiple storage units over a computer network. The data is divided into segments and each segment is distributed randomly on one of several storage units, independent of the storage units on which other segments of the media data are stored. Redundancy inform ...

Pat Allen Buckland: NUMA system with redundant main memory architecture. International Business Machines Corporation, Joseph P Lally, Mark E McBurney, August 31, 2004: US06785783 (478 worldwide citation)

A method and system for managing data in a data processing system are disclosed. Initially, data is stored in a first portion of the main memory of the system. Responsive to storing the data in the first portion of main memory, information is then stored in a second portion of the main memory. The i ...

Steve McCanne: Content distribution system for operation over an internetwork including content peering arrangements. FastForward Networks, Philip H Albert, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, August 31, 2004: US06785704 (470 worldwide citation)

In a network interconnecting a plurality of content providers and a plurality of clients, for providing content to a client, each of the plurality of content providers is coupled to at least one content distribution network of a plurality of content distribution networks, wherein the client is coupl ...

Troy D Drewry, Fred J Molz: Flexible spinal stabilization system and method. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, August 31, 2004: US06783527 (416 worldwide citation)

Devices, methods and systems for stabilizing at least a portion of the spinal column are provided. Devices include anchors and coupling members for engaging an elongate member. Systems include an elongate member sized to span a distance between at least two vertebral bodies and being at least partia ...

David R Bailey, Todd J Feldman, Anand Rajaraman: System and method for locating web-based product offerings. Amazon com, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 31, 2004: US06785671 (411 worldwide citation)

A search engine system assists users in locating web pages from which user-specified products can be purchased. Web pages located by a crawler program are scored, based on a set of rules, according to likelihood of including an online product offering. A query server accesses an index of the scored ...

Edward M Smith, David R Sewell, Patrick T Golden: System and method for energy management. Perot Systems Corporation, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, August 31, 2004: US06785592 (401 worldwide citation)

A business methodology for optimizing energy procurement energy demand (usage) and energy supply for a facility or complex. After ascertaining a baseline model, energy consumption is monitored and adjusted to reflect dynamic economic factors of operations. With the accumulation of data, contract neg ...

Xavier Serret Avila, Gilles Boccon Gibod: Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techniques. InterTrust Technologies, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, August 31, 2004: US06785815 (383 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for protecting and managing electronic data signals that are registered in accordance with a predefined encoding scheme, while allowing access to unregistered data signals. In one embodiment a relatively hard-to-remove, easy-to-detect, strong watermark is inserted in ...

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