Craig Allen
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First stage turbine buckets have airfoil profiles substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z set forth Table I wherein X and Y values are in inches and the Z values are non-dimensional values from 0 to 1 convertible to Z distances in inches by multiplying the Z values ...

Chris Christenson
Rick L Tabor, Patricio Jimenez Jr, Wayne R Wilkomm, Ralph D Priester Jr, Marty C Cornell, Chris P Christenson, Kimberly F Bennett, Peder E Danielsen, Jeffery D Zawisza: Run flat tire support and colorant therefor. Dow Global Technologies, August 24, 2004: US06779572 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a unitary run flat tire (RFT) reinforcement that is formed into a relatively rigid shape. The reinforcement is insertable into a mold for an RFT support and can maintain the needed structural rigidity for such insertion. Further, the invention provides an RFT support t ...


Pavitra Subramaniam, Jason Zoss, Jian Jung Ying, Marc Caltabiano: System and method to implement a persistent and dismissible search center frame. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Siebel Systems, August 24, 2004: US06782383 (946 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect of the present invention, a method includes displaying a search center pane after a user selects a search icon from a search tool bar to begin a user session. The search center pane includes a search frame. The search frame includes a close button. The method also includes se ...

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A flexible ureteropyeloscope having a control section and a shaft extending from the control section. The shaft has a front end with a first active deflection section connected in series with a second active deflection section. The control section is adapted to independently deflect the first and se ...

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An electrosurgical instrument, which is used for the treatment of tissue in the presence of an electrically-conductive fluid medium, comprises an instrument shaft (

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The systems and methods described herein include a platform that employs a client/server architecture to provide an extensible set of real time and messaging communication services to a plurality of users. The platform allows the clients to configure and activate the services as each user wishes, th ...

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Techniques of reducing erroneous readings of the apparent charge levels stored in a number of rows of memory cells on account of capacitive coupling between the cells. All pages of a first row are programmed with a first pass, followed by programming all pages of a second adjacent row with a first p ...

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Methods of playing games and gaming systems and devices useful for playing games. Gaming devices include a first gaming unit for randomly selecting and displaying indicia associated with play of a primary game and for generating a signal relating to play on the first gaming unit. The gaming device a ...

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A microelectromechanical system package has a microelectromechanical system microphone, a substrate, and a cover. The substrate has a surface for supporting the microelectromechanical microphone. The cover includes a conductive layer having a center portion bounded by a peripheral edge portion. A ho ...