Dana Gronbeck
Dana A Gronbeck, Suzanne Coley, Chi Q Truong, Ashish Pandya: Reduction of inorganic contaminants in polymers and photoresist compositions comprising same. Shipley Company L L C, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards & Angell, August 10, 2004: US06773872 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides polymers which are substantially or completely free of inorganic contaminants and the use of such polymers as a resin component for photoresist compositions, particularly chemically-amplified positive-acting resists. Polymers of the invention also are suitable for use ...

Csaba Truckai, John H Shadduck, Bruno Strul: Surgical system for applying ultrasonic energy to tissue. SURGRx, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, August 10, 2004: US06773409 (553 worldwide citation)

A surgical system for controlled application of ultrasound energy to engaged tissue volumes for creating effective biological welds or seals in tissue. The invention provides an ultrasound transmission assembly including piezoelectric elements coupled to an elongate waveguide that is reciprocatable ...

Bryan D Knodel, Bennie Thompson, Jesse Kuhns: Surgical instrument having a rotary lockout mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 10, 2004: US06773438 (535 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the present invention there is provided a surgical fastening instrument. The instrument includes a handle and a shaft extending from the handle. The shaft contains a plurality of surgical fasteners therein. The instrument also has a mechanism for first distally deploying a penetra ...

Michael D Ellis, G Victor Treyz: Personal television channel system. United Video Properties, Laura A Sheridan, Fish & Neave, August 10, 2004: US06774926 (489 worldwide citation)

A system is provided in which contributors such as individuals in the home may create personal television channel programming. Personal television programs may be distributed to multiple viewers over a communications network such as the Internet. Personal television program schedule information may ...

Michael D Laufer, Jeffrey C Cerier, Amos G Cruz: Methods and devices for tissue reconfiguration. ndo Surgical, Fish & Richardson P C, August 10, 2004: US06773441 (420 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are provided for reconfiguring a tissue within a hollow body organ using an entirely endoscopic approach in order to effectively reduce flow of fluid contents into a second hollow body organ in fluid communication with the first.

Jamy Gannoe, Gary Weller, Craig Gerbi, Douglas S Sutton, Gilbert Mata Jr, J Stephen Scott: Method and device for use in tissue approximation and fixation. Satiety, Morrison & Foerster, August 10, 2004: US06773440 (378 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices for use in tissue approximation and fixation are described herein. The present invention provides, in part, methods and devices for acquiring tissue folds from the anterior and posterior portions of a hollow body organ, e.g., a stomach, positioning the tissue folds for affixing w ...

Oz Gabai, Jacob Gabai, Nimrod Sanlerman, Nathan Weiss: Methods and apparatus for integration of interactive toys with interactive television and cellular communication systems. Creator, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, August 10, 2004: US06773344 (355 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for integrating interactive toys with interactive television and cellular communication systems are described. Interactive toys have real time conversations with users, preferably employing speech recognition. Interactive toys are preferably connected to at least one interactiv ...

Fen Chung Kung, Anish Sankalia, Hopeton Walker, Spencer Wang: Method for billing IP broadband subscribers. AT&T, August 10, 2004: US06775267 (339 worldwide citation)

A method of billing a variable bit rate communication between a first terminal and a distant terminal to a broadband subscriber permits changing billing parameters during a call in real time in response to user inputs including user requested changes in quality of service, changes in data rate and c ...

Mark E Lewis, Geoffrey R Chambers, Marshall D Deweese, William H Ames: Multichemistry measuring device and test strips. Abbott Laboratories, David L Weinstein, August 10, 2004: US06773671 (308 worldwide citation)

A multichemistry measuring device and diagnostic test strips which, in combination with the multichemistry measuring device, provide a multichemistry testing system are disclosed. The test strips are for chemical analysis of a sample, and are adapted for use in combination with a measuring device ha ...

D Bommi Bommannan, Michael D Laufer: System and method for reducing post-surgical complications. August 10, 2004: US06775575 (301 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for reducing or minimizing post-surgical complications are described. By applying energy to tissues under specifically controlled conditions, the formation of adhesions in response to cutting or other damage of those tissue may be eliminated or significantly reduced. According to ...