Cynthia Hoover
David M Thompson, Cynthia A Hoover, John D Peck, Michael M Litwin: Deposition processes using Group 8 (VIII) metallocene precursors. Praxair, Law Department M1 557, July 1, 2004: US20040126485-A1

Disclosed herein is a process for producing a film, coating or powder employing a metallocene or metallocene-like precursor having the general formula CpMCp, where M is a metal selected from the group consisting of Ru, Os and Fe; Cp is a first substituted cyclopentadienyl or cyclopentadienyl-like, e ...

Cynthia Hoover
David M Thompson, Cynthia A Hoover: Methods for making metallocene compounds. Praxair, Law Department M1 557, July 1, 2004: US20040127732-A1

A method for producing Group 8 (VIII) metallocene or metallocene-like compounds employs a compound that includes a Cp anion, such as found, together with a counterion, in a cyclopentadienide or cyclopentadienide-like salt. In one embodiment, the method includes reacting a metal salt, a (Cp) compound ...

Van, Santen Helmar: Liquid removal in a method and device for irradiating spots on a layer. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Van, Santen Helmar, DEGUELLE Wilhelmus H G, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/055803 (745 worldwide citation)

For irradiating a layer (3) a radiation beam (7) is directed and focused to a spot (11) on the layer (3), relative movement of the layer (3) relative to the optical element (59) is caused so that, successively, different portions of the layer (3) are irradiated and an interspace (53) between a surfa ...

Freeman Dominique M, Boecker Dirk: Method and apparatus for measuring analytes. Pelikan Technologies, Freeman Dominique M, Boecker Dirk, TUNG Hao Y, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/054455 (126 worldwide citation)

A device comprises a cartridge (12) and a plurality of analyte detecting members (18) mounted on said cartridge. The cartridge may have a radial disc shape. The analyte detecting members may be a three-electrode system wherein only a working electrode is covered with a glucose oxidase. In one embodi ...

Beart Pilgrim Giles William, Whitewood David Paul, Cheng Lily Ka Lai, Hay James Westwood: Adapting portable electrical devices to receive power wirelessly. Splashpower, Beart Pilgrim Giles William, Whitewood David Paul, Cheng Lily Ka Lai, Hay James Westwood, HITCHING Peter Matthew, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/055654 (118 worldwide citation)

Wireless power receiving apparatus (150) is retrofitted to a portable electrical device (100) to enable the device to receive power wirelessly. The apparatus comprises a power-receiving element (200) adapted to be attached to the device, e.g. by adhesive (201), and also being adapted to receive powe ...

Loomis Stephen: Apparatus and method for skipping songs without delay. America Online Incorporated, GLENN Michael, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/055637 (108 worldwide citation)

In an Internet based personalized radio, where a user has a pre-selected list of songs to be played in a particular order, the invention provides an apparatus and method allowing the user to skip one or more songs without having an unintended delay between skips. This is accomplished by pre-bufferin ...

Jeffrey Peter: Hollow needle applicators. Safe T, Jeffrey Peter, BARKER Rosemary Anne, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/054644 (70 worldwide citation)

A fluid filled cartridge (110) having a fixed needle (107) and a piston assembly (111, 131, 133) for expression of its contents (112) is mounted inside an applicator (101). In order to extend the needle (107) from the body (101) prior to cartridge contents expression and without premature leakage of ...

Ju Jingyue, Seo Tae Seok: Biomolecular coupling methods using 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition chemistry. The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York, WHITE John P, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/055160 (56 worldwide citation)

This invention provides methods for covalently affixing a biomolecule to either a second molecule or a solid surface using 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition chemistry. This invention also provides related methods and compositions.

Mizoguchi Ayumi, Sasaki Katsutoshi, Hagihara Koji, Aoyama Shirou, Nonaka Hiromi, Arai Hitoshi, Shiozaki Shizuo, Kuwana Yoshihisa, Otsubo Nobumasa: (Ja) 中枢疾患の予防および/または治療剤, (En) Preventives and/or remedies for central diseases. Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, Mizoguchi Ayumi, Sasaki Katsutoshi, Hagihara Koji, Aoyama Shirou, Nonaka Hiromi, Arai Hitoshi, Shiozaki Shizuo, Kuwana Yoshihisa, Otsubo Nobumasa, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/054617 (48 worldwide citation)

(EN) It is intended to provide a preventive and/or a remedy for central diseases containing, as the active ingredient, a substance having an effect of inhibiting the function of G-protein coupled receptor 88 (GPR88), and a pyrimidine derivative represented by the following general formula (I): (I) w ...

Tournilhac Florence, Blin Xavier: Care and/or make-up cosmetic composition structured with silicone polymers. L Oreal, Tournilhac Florence, Blin Xavier, L OREAL, July 1, 2004: WO/2004/054523 (48 worldwide citation)

Care and/or make-up cosmetic composition comprising: a liquid continuous fatty Phase structured with at least one structuring polymer (homopolymer or copolymer) having a weight-average molecular mass ranging from 500 to 500 000, containing at least one moiety comprising: - at least one polyorganosil ...