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A method of and system for collecting, storing, and retrieving data in a data base management system. The database management system includes a master database server (

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Telephone calls, data and other multimedia information is routed through a hybrid network which includes transfer of information across the internet utilizing telephony routing information and internet protocol address information. A media order entry captures complete user profile information for a ...

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A surgical biopsy system is provided for removing at least one tissue sample from a surgical patient. The surgical biopsy system comprises an elongated, hollow piercer and a cutter rotatably and axially positionable relative to the piercer. The piercer has a lateral port for receiving the tissue sam ...

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A content delivery and global traffic management network system provides a plurality of caching servers connected to a network. The caching servers host customer content that can be cached and stored, and respond to requests for Web content from clients. If the requested content does not exist in me ...

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A method of informing a first network user of activity by other network users includes receiving information identifying television programming viewed by at least one other network user and displaying the information to the first network user on a user interface.

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A reusable external infusion device infuses a fluid into an individual's body. The infusion device controls the rate that fluid flows from a reservoir inside a housing, through an external tube, and into the individual's body. Essentially, the infused fluid is insulin. However, many other ...

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The present invention provides methods and devices for grasping, and optional repositioning and fixation of the valve leaflets to treat cardiac valve regurgitation, particularly mitral valve regurgitation. Such grasping will typically be atraumatic providing a number of benefits. For example, atraum ...

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A membrane that reduces the rate at which a therapeutic substance is released from an implantable medical device, such as a stent, is disclosed.