Zegdi Rachid: Prosthetic valve, has carrier framework with branches for centripetal compression of framework towards its folded position in contrast to elastic action, valve expanded and contracted in respective obstruction and release positions. Perouse Laboratoires, June 4, 2004: FR2847800-A1 (98 worldwide citation)

The valve has a carrier framework (22) deforming elastically between deployed and folded positions. A valve (24) is expanded and contracted in obstruction and release positions, respectively under an action of flow circulating through the framework. The framework has two branches (26A, 26B) for cent ...

David Francois: Patients breathing monitoring device for e.g. apnea detection, has string fixing detector, converting sound waves into electrical signals, on patients neck, and connecting unit connecting detectors exit to organs entry. Francois David, June 4, 2004: FR2847796-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

The device has a detector (1) converting sound waves into electrical signals and having an active receptive site for the waves and an exit through which signals are emitted. A string fixes the detector on the patients neck to contact the site with a laryngeal region. A treatment organ provided with ...

Desjardins Michel: Compact spectrometer has transparent monolithic body which integrates the means of diffraction and reflection, front and rear faces and light input and output surfaces both located on the front face. Technologie Optique Et Etudes, June 4, 2004: FR2847978-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The spectrometer has a transparent monolithic body (1) with front and rear faces (F1,F2). Light from a fibre optic source (4) is received at an input surface (2) on the front face and light transmitted to a sensor (5) exits from an output surface (3) which is also on the front face. A means of dispe ...

Dubief Claude, Fack Geraldine, Nicolas Morgantini Luc, Restle Serge: Production of cationic nanoemulsions useful as cosmetic products comprises mixing a fatty compound and a nonionic surfactant in the melt, adding water to form an oil-in-water nanoemulsion and adding a cationic surfactant. Oreal, June 4, 2004: FR2847831-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Production of cationic nanoemulsions comprises mixing a fatty compound (I) and a nonionic surfactant (II) in the melt, adding water to form an oil-in-water nanoemulsion, and adding a cationic surfactant. Production of cationic nanoemulsions comprises mixing a fatty compound (I) and a nonionic surfac ...

Rius Jean Michel, Pernel Yann: Procede et dispositif pour deposer par plasma micro-ondes un revetement sur une face dun recipient en materiau thermoplastique. Sidel, June 4, 2004: FR2847912-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne le dépôt d'un revêtement sur une face d'un récipient (3) en matériau thermoplastique à l'aide d'un plasma à basse pression par excitation d'un gaz précurseur par des ondes électromagnétiques UHF dans une cavité (1) sous vide de forme circulaire recevant le récipient. On dimensio ...

Abida Jamil, Rascle Thierry: Equipment for indicating wear on vehicle components, comprises first module to process measured and estimated wear and a second module to diagnose a possible measurement malfunction. Renault, June 4, 2004: FR2847976-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A first module (1) processes data on measured wear (2,Um) such as amount of rubber removed from a tyre and on estimated wear (3,Ue) produced by modelling driving and produces a derived wear function (Ur), a driver warning (A) and a diagnosis (D) of possible measurement malfunction. A second module ( ...

Dubertret Louis, Dubertret Benoit: Composition cosmetique comprenant des nanoparticules fluorescentes comme pigments. Dubertret Louis, Dubertret Benoit, June 4, 2004: FR2847812-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne une composition comprenant à titre de pigment des nanoparticules de semiconducteur fluorescentes cosmétiquement acceptables dans un véhicule cosmétique.

Mooser Oswaldo: Composition epaississante pour des sauces et produits similaires. Nestec, June 4, 2004: FR2847770-A3 (4 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne une composition concentrée fluide stable à la conservation, à base d'amidon.Elle est produite en mettant en suspension de l'amidon dans une base aqueuse contenant au moins un agent abaissant l'activité d'eau.Domaine d'application : obtention d'un agent épaississant fluide, pouva ...

Pradier Philippe: Return spring mounting device for automobile vehicle, has return spring subjugated to pivot mounted on supporting part where spring is not pre-constrained to obtain synchronization between tools. Dura France, June 4, 2004: FR2847877-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The device has a return spring subjugated to a pivot (2) mounted on a supporting part (3). The pivot (2) is auto-aligned with fixed and moving points corresponding to shifting of a lever. The spring is not pre-constrained to obtain synchronization between tools. The pivot (2) and the part (3) make a ...

Moulin Jean Pierre, Roy Christophe, Bonnard Olivier, Bauchu Philippe, Fiquet Arnaud, Girardin Philippe, Cypres Alain, Noyer Daniel, Bouxin Bertrand: Mobile shell fitting between anchoring cup and ball of hip prosthesis comprises outer convex and inner concave sections with fastening and ball retaining element. Luxembourg Orthopaedic Res, June 4, 2004: FR2847801-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The mobile shell (1) consists of an outer convex section (11) designed to pivot in the acetabular anchoring cup and made from a biocompatible plastic material, and a concave inner section (12) designed to pivot on the prosthesis ball (3). The mobile shell (1) consists of an outer convex section (11) ...