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An apparatus and methods to prevent an operator from inadvertently dropping a string into a wellbore during assembling and disassembling of tubulars. Additionally, the apparatus and methods can be used for running in casing, running in wellbore components or for a drill string.

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The mobile telephone is provided with the capability for automatically adjusting the gain of a microphone of the telephone based upon the detected noise level in which the cellular telephone is operated. As the noise level increases, the gain of the microphone is automatically decreased, thereby com ...


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An interactive electronic game system is provided. The game system comprises two or more gaming machines each having display means for displaying images thereon and interaction means for an individual player to interact with the game system. A central server unit comprising a game system control mea ...

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A support device for endoscopic suturless anastomosis between tubular organs include at least a first tubular member provided with a longitudinal slit which permits introduction of the organs to be anastomosed in the device and additional second tubular members in physical continuity with the first ...

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A disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk and a semiconductor memory comprising addressable locations for staging and caching data, wherein each addressable location having an allocation status. When a large write command is received from a host to write write-data to the disk, a disk controller d ...

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A specimen probing apparatus in provided including a vacuum chamber within which a carrier for the specimen to be probed and a probe assembly are positioned. The housing for the chamber is preferably constructed to allow a variety of options for electrically isolating the test environment in the cha ...

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The invention provides improved agents and methods for treatment of diseases associated with amyloid deposits of A&bgr; in the brain of a patient. Such methods entail administering agents that induce a beneficial immunogenic response against the amyloid deposit. The methods are useful for prophylact ...

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An illumination device is provided of the type arranged at the front which is of low power consumption and of high recognisability both when the illumination is turned on and when illumination is turned off. An illumination device arranged at the front face of an illuminated object has a light-guide ...

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An implantable lead for electrical stimulation of tissue has wire-like extendable members whose tips curl back upon themselves in open tissue spaces to form 2- or 3-dimensional electrodes. The electrodes may be positioned axially or in other directions from the lead body. Traction on the lead body o ...