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An adapter includes a syringe carrier adapted to seat at least a portion of the syringe. The syringe carrier includes at least one rearward facing abutment member to abut at least one forward facing surface on a syringe. The syringe carrier includes an opening therein to allow a drive member of an i ...

Sheri Ablaza
James F Cameron, Sheri L Ablaza: Photoresist compositions. Shipley Company L L C, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards & Angell, June 1, 2004: US06743563 (3 worldwide citation)

Resists of the invention contain an added acid component which has been found can significantly enhance stability during storage between manufacture and use. Preferred resists of the invention contain an ester-based solvent such as ethyl lactate or propylene glycol methyl ether acetate in addition t ...

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Microneedle devices and methods of use thereof are provided for the enhanced transport of molecules, including drugs and biological molecules, across tissue by improving the interaction of microneedles and a deformable, elastic biological barrier, such as human skin. The devices and methods act to ( ...

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The present invention involves method and apparatus for analyzing two measured signals that are modeled as containing primary and secondary portions. Coefficients relate the two signals according to a model defined in accordance with the present invention. In one embodiment, the present invention in ...

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A system for measuring a glucose level in a blood sample includes a test strip and a meter. The test strip includes a sample chamber, a working electrode, a counter electrode, fill-detect electrodes, and an auto-on conductor. A reagent layer is disposed in the sample chamber. The auto-on conductor c ...

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A flexible clip applier includes a flat wire wound tubular coil, a pair of jaws at the end of the coil, end effector wires extending through the coil and coupled to the jaws, and a clip-advancing wire extending through the coil. A clip chamber is defined in the distal end of the coil. The clip-advan ...

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An improved device for performing medical procedures, preferably minimally invasive medical procedures, includes a shaft with a proximal and distal end and a bendable tip extending from the distal end of the shaft. In some preferred embodiments, a fastener applicator extends from the bendable tip. I ...

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A warning device for mounting onto a vehicle, in order to attract the attention of the driver when another vehicle (

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A bipolar electrosurgical instrument has opposable seal surfaces on its jaws for grasping and sealing vessels and vascular tissue. Inner and outer instrument members allow arcuate motion of the seal surfaces. An open lockbox provides a pivot with lateral support to maintain alignment of the lateral ...