Craig Allen
Craig Allen Bielek, Robert Alan Brittingham, Jeff Brian Thompson, Benjamin Arnette Lagrange, Robert Walter Coign: Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket. General Electric Company, Nixon & Vanderhye, May 25, 2004: US06739838 (43 worldwide citation)

Third stage turbine buckets have airfoil profiles substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z set forth Table I wherein X and Y values are in inches and the Z values are non-dimensional values from 0 to 1 convertible to Z distances in inches by multiplying the Z values ...

Jaime Braverman
Donald E Waldroup, Jaime Braverman, Teresa Petryk: Cover material with improved fluid handling properties. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Pauley Petersen & Ericson, May 25, 2004: US06740792 (9 worldwide citation)

A material having a multi-denier base material layer including a plurality of fine denier fibers, the fine denier fibers of less than about 10 dpf, and a plurality of large denier filaments intermixed with the fine denier fibers which form channels in a longitudinal direction of the material, the la ...


Ronald J Lebel, Varaz Shahmirian, Timothy J Starkweather, Daniel H Villegas, David Y Choy, Philip T Weiss, Colin A Chong, Peter C Lord, Wayne A Morgan, Paul M Meadows: Ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device. Medtronic Minimed, Foley & Lardner, May 25, 2004: US06740075 (812 worldwide citation)

A communication device (CD) exchanges messages with an implantable infusion pump via telemetry such that commands are supplied thereto and operational information is obtained therefrom. The CD is controlled, at least in part, by a processor IC according to a software program operating therein and pr ...

Mark C Shults, Stuart J Updike, Rathbun K Rhodes: Device and method for determining analyte levels. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 25, 2004: US06741877 (723 worldwide citation)

Devices and methods for determining analyte levels are described. The devices and methods allow for the implantation of analyte-monitoring devices, such as glucose monitoring devices, that result in the delivery of a dependable flow of blood to deliver sample to the implanted device. The devices com ...

J Christopher Flaherty: Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion. Insulet Corporation, McDermott Will & Emery, May 25, 2004: US06740059 (472 worldwide citation)

A device for delivering a fluid to a patient, including an exit port, a dispenser for causing fluid from a reservoir to flow to the exit port, a local processor programmed to cause a flow of fluid to the exit port based on flow instructions from a separate, remote control device, and a wireless rece ...

Michel K Bowman Amuah: Base services patterns in a netcentric environment. Accenture, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, May 25, 2004: US06742015 (454 worldwide citation)

A system and method are provided for providing base service patterns for use in a component-based architecture. A batch job pattern is provided for structuring batch components such that common architectural services are implemented uniformly across the batch components. A batch unit of work pattern ...

Mark W Miles: Device having a light-absorbing mask and a method for fabricating same. Iridigm Display Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, May 25, 2004: US06741377 (427 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for fabricating an optical device comprising at least one optical component formed on a transparent substrate. The method comprises determining an area of the substrate that is to be light-absorbing; and fabricating a light-absorbing mask on the determined area prior ...

Stephen Hochschuler, Wesley Johnson, Kevin L Nickels, Thomas R Hektner, Larry Wales, Tyler Lipschultz: Method and apparatus for treating a vertebral body. Maginot Moore & Beck, May 25, 2004: US06740093 (364 worldwide citation)

An implantable container is used to stabilize or restore height in a vertebral body. After insertion the container is filled with a bone filler material such as bone cement.

John M Miller, Himanshu S Amin: System for dynamically pushing information to a user utilizing global positioning system. Amin & Turocy, May 25, 2004: US06741188 (360 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for directing region-specific information. The system locates and transmits information to location-specific users. A directed information system links information related to the location-specific users. The directed information system has access to a regionally defined data bas ...