Craig Allen
Curtis John Jacks, Craig Allen Bielek, Robert Walter Coign, Randall Gill: First stage turbine nozzle airfoil. General Electric Company, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, May 18, 2004: US06736599 (37 worldwide citation)

The first stage nozzles have airfoil profiles substantially in accordance with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y and Z set forth Table 1. The X and Y values are in inches and the Z value is non-dimensional along the nozzle-stacking axis coincident with a turbine radius and convertible to a Z dista ...


Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Masud Beroz, Joseph Fjelstad, Belgacem Haba, Christopher M Pickett, John Smith: Microelectronic unit forming methods and materials. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, May 18, 2004: US06737265 (17 worldwide citation)

Releasable leads having an elongated fixed portion extend over a surface defined by a dielectric material of a component or by a semiconductor body. A semiconductor element having a conductive structure connected to a set of contacts is also disclosed. A method of making the conductive structure is ...


John S Hendricks, Alfred E Bonner: Method and apparatus for targeted advertising. Discovery Communications, Andrews & Kurth L, May 18, 2004: US06738978 (455 worldwide citation)

A novel network controller for use with a digital cable headend capable of monitoring and controlling set top terminals in a television program delivery system is described. The invention relates to methods and apparatus for a network controller that manages a configuration of set top terminals in a ...

Valerie Vadurro, Roger E Darois, Stephen N Eldridge, Michael J Lee: Prosthetic repair fabric with erosion resistant edge. C R Bard, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, May 18, 2004: US06736854 (439 worldwide citation)

An implantable prosthesis is provided for repairing or augmenting anatomical weaknesses or defects, and is particularly suitable for the repair of soft tissue and muscle wall openings. The prosthesis may include a layer of fabric that is constructed and arranged to allow tissue ingrowth and is susce ...

Leonard Presta: Polypeptide variants with altered effector function. Genentech, Wendy M Lee, May 18, 2004: US06737056 (419 worldwide citation)

The present invention concerns polypeptides comprising a variant Fc region. More particularly, the present invention concerns Fc region-containing polypeptides that have altered effector function as a consequence of one or more amino acid modifications in the Fc region thereof.

David S Breed: Telematics system for vehicle diagnostics. Automotive Technologies International, Brian Roffe, May 18, 2004: US06738697 (379 worldwide citation)

Vehicle diagnostic system which diagnoses the state of the vehicle or the state of a component of the vehicle and generates an output indicative or representative thereof. A communications device transmits the output of the diagnostic system to a remote location, possibly via a satellite or the Inte ...

Lynn Kim, Norman A Parris, Russell O Potts, Michael J Tierney: Biosensor, iontophoretic sampling system, and methods of use thereof. Cygnus, Barbara G McClung, Gary R Fabian, May 18, 2004: US06736777 (316 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates generally to a sensor for use in monitoring the amount or concentration of target chemical analytes present in a biological system. For example, the invention relates to a sensor for measuring the amount or concentration of one or more analytes in a transdermally extrac ...

Bjørn Gullak Larsen, Orla Mathiasen, Lars Bjarne Frederiksen, Marc Delzac, Claude Teissen Simony: Subcutaneous infusion set. Unomedical, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, May 18, 2004: US06736797 (315 worldwide citation)

A subcutaneous infusion set for administering a medication or a therapeutic fluid to a patient is disclosed. The infusion set includes a base element having a cavity and an entry lumen. A closing element is mounted on the base element to be rotatable about an axis through the base element and having ...