James Reuss
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The invention relates to a medical parameter monitoring device which allows the monitoring of a plurality of medical parameters from a remote location. The invention uses a central monitoring system which transmits and receives date parameters via RF from remote patient monitors. The monitoring syst ...

Sanjay Chaturvedi
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A catalyst comprising a promoted mixed metal oxide is useful for the vapor phase oxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated carboxylic acid and for the vapor phase ammoxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated nitrile.

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An implanted medical device (e.g. infusion pump) and an external device communicate with one another via telemetry messages that are receivable only during windows or listening periods. Each listening period is open for a prescribed period of time and is spaced from successive listening periods by a ...

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Expandable heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement surgeries are disclosed. The valves are rolled into a first, contracted configuration for minimally invasive delivery and then unrolled or unfurled at the implantation site. One- and two-piece stents may be used in conjunction with a p ...

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The Wireless Integrated Network Sensor Next Generation (WINS NG) nodes provide distributed network and Internet access to sensors, controls, and processors that are deeply embedded in equipment, facilities, and the environment. The WINS NG network is a new monitoring and control capability for appli ...

Brent Parker: Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatus. Sensidyne, Jim Zegeer, May 11, 2004: US06735459 (482 worldwide citation)

Pulse oximeter apparatus and method comprising a reusable pulse oximeter probe and a disposable bandage. The bandage has receptacles for receiving and aligning the oximeter's light emitting diode and photocell detector.

Michael C Sherman: System and method for spine spacing. SDGI Holdings, Coat & Bennett P L L C, May 11, 2004: US06733534 (392 worldwide citation)

A system and method for positioning a spacer within a patient. The device has a first form having a reduced size to be inserted into the patient in a minimally invasive manner. The device than expands to a second form once inside the patient to an enlarged size. In one embodiment, the expansion resu ...

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A small implantable stimulator(s) with at least two electrodes is small enough to have the electrodes located adjacent to a nerve structure at least partially responsible for headache and/or facial pain. The small stimulator provides a means of stimulating a nerve structure(s) when desired, and may ...

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A method and system for treatment of incontinence and/or pelvic pain includes the injection or laparoscopic implantation of one or more battery- or radio frequency-powered microstimulators (

Boris E Paton, Vladimir K Lebedev, Alexei V Lebedev, Yurii A Masalov, Olga N Ivanova, Mykhailo P Zakharash, Yuri A Furmanov: System and method for control of tissue welding. Live Tissue Connect, Charles W Hanor P C, May 11, 2004: US06733498 (358 worldwide citation)

A system and method for welding of biological tissue by applying an RF voltage during a first stage to electrodes of a tissue welding tool; monitoring tissue impedance, and determining a minimum tissue impedance value during the first stage; determining relative tissue impedance; detecting when the ...