Katherina Babich
Dirk Pfeiffer, Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina Babich, Phillip Brock, Wu Song Huang, Arpan P Mahorowala, David R Medeiros, Ratnam Sooriyakumaran: Antireflective SiO-containing compositions for hardmask layer. International Business Machines Corporation, Steven Capella, May 4, 2004: US06730454 (50 worldwide citation)

Antireflective compositions characterized by the presence of an SiO-containing polymer having chromophore moieties and transparent moieties are useful antireflective hardmask compositions in lithographic processes. These compositions provide outstanding optical, mechanical and etch selectivity prope ...

Katherina Babich
Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina Babich, S Jay Chey, Michael Straight Hibbs, Robert N Lang, Arpan Pravin Mahorowala, Kenneth Christopher Racette: Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel P Morris Esq, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, May 4, 2004: US06730445 (4 worldwide citation)

An attenuating embedded phase shift photomask blank that produces a phase shift of the transmitted light is formed with an optically translucent film made of metal, silicon, nitrogen and oxygen. An etch stop layer is added to improve the etch selectivity of the phase shifting layer. A wide range of ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Minjoo L Lee, Christopher W Leitz, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Formation of planar strained layers. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, May 4, 2004: US06730551 (55 worldwide citation)

A structure and a method for forming the structure, the method including forming a compressively strained semiconductor layer, the compressively strained layer having a strain greater than or equal to 0.25%. A tensilely strained semiconductor layer is formed over the compressively strained layer. Th ...


Karen Brodersen, Thomas M Rothwein, Matthew S Malden, Mingte J Chen, Anil Annadata: Database access method and system for user role defined access. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Perkins Coie, May 4, 2004: US06732100 (986 worldwide citation)

Method and system for determination and granting of access to data and files by the file or database creator, owner or manager or by group or user access profiles. The database is partitionable among data owners, and access is awarded based upon the requestor's organizational attributes.

Alex S Warshavsky, Chandrakant R Bhavsar, Jeffrey M Fischer: Method and apparatus for mapping between XML and relational representations. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Siebel Systems, May 4, 2004: US06732095 (979 worldwide citation)

A method to convert data between a relational format and an XML document, by creating a set of XML Mapping Definition from metadata; selecting relational data from a relational application database, and converting the relational data to the XML document using the set of XML Mapping Definition.

Robert A Brodersen, Prashant Chatterjee, Jeffrey I Cohen, Peter Siam Sy Lim III: Method, apparatus, system, and program product for attaching files and other objects to a partially replicated database. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Perkins Coie, May 4, 2004: US06732111 (953 worldwide citation)

Attaching files and other objects in a distributed computing environment. This includes adding file attachments and non-database objects, such as, text file data, web file data, image file data, and other file attachment objects to databases. These objects may be retrieved at the convenience of a no ...

Benjamin Spenser, Netanel Benichu, Assaf Bash, Avraham Zakai: Implantable prosthetic valve. Percutaneous Valve Technologies, William H Dippert, Reed Smith, May 4, 2004: US06730118 (771 worldwide citation)

A valve prosthesis device is disclosed suitable for implantation in body ducts. The device comprises a support stent, comprised of a deployable construction adapted to be initially crimped in a narrow configuration suitable for catheterization through the body duct to a target location and adapted t ...

Michihiko Koseki, Mamoru Yokoyama, Masashi Sumi, Satoru Yamaguchi, Sadayoshi Taniwaki, Seishiro Hamanaka: Data processing system with mechanism for restoring file systems based on transaction logs. Fujitsu, Greer Burns & Crain, May 4, 2004: US06732124 (538 worldwide citation)

A data processing system having an efficient logging mechanism which stores log records for repairing a file system when its consistency is lost. When there is a transaction attempting to update metadata stored in metadata volumes, a metadata loading unit reads the requested metadata objects out of ...

Richard D Penn, Keith Alan Miesel, Lee Stylos, Mark A Christopherson, Sudha Nagavarapu, Glenn M Roline: Device and method to measure and communicate body parameters. Medtronic, Shumaker & Sieffert P A, May 4, 2004: US06731976 (494 worldwide citation)

A system and method for measuring and communicating parameters of a brain, tissue, or other organs is disclosed. The system includes a sensor to sense the parameter of interest, an external device where the parameter may be displayed, processed or cause action to be taken, and a communication system ...