Blau Arno, Seifferth Falko: Device and method for calibrating an element. Brainlab, April 28, 2004: EP1413258-A1 (80 worldwide citation)

The component is connected to a navigation unit laid on a calibration device (10) and moved whilst resting against it. An Independent claim is included for corresponding calibration equipment.

Sasaki Koji, Yanashima Katsunori, Narui Hironobu, Memezawa Akihiko: Thin-film deposition device. Sony, April 28, 2004: EP1413644-A2 (73 worldwide citation)

A thin-film deposition device for forming an organic thin-film having uniform thickness on a substrate (S) includes a vacuum chamber, a substrate holder (12) provided in the vacuum chamber, and at least one tubular gas supply end (22) that supplies gas towards a substrate mounting-face (12a) on the ...




Dworschak Manfred, Lutze Theodor, Morales Pedro, Weisshaupt Dieter: Scissors, especially for surgical purposes. Aesculap & Co Kg, April 28, 2004: EP1411843-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to scissors, especially for surgical purposes, consisting of two counter-pivoting branches whose front ends are respectively provided with a cutting section having a cutting edge and whose rear ends are respectively provided with a handle section. The aim of the invention is to ...


Haynes Jeffrey D, Jeganathan Karthikeyan: Cold spray process for coating substrates. United Technologies, April 28, 2004: GB2394479-A (38 worldwide citation)

A process for applying a coating to a substrate 10 comprising the steps of providing metal particles having a size up to 50 microns and passing the metal particles through a spray nozzle 20 at a speed sufficient to plastically deform them on the substrate. The metal particles preferably have a size ...


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Fibers having improved resistance to moisture at elevated temperatures comprise at least two elastic polymers, one polymer heat-settable and the other polymer heat-resistant, the heat-resistant polymer comprising at least a portion of the exterior surface of the fiber. The fibers typically have a bi ...