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An electrosurgical instrument for use in cutting and/or coagulating tissue includes a dielectric material (30), the dielectric material being positioned in the current pathway between the tissue-treatment regions of first and second electrodes (15,16). The dielectric coating acts to couple the RF si ...

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A digital downloading jukebox system including a central server and a plurality of remote jukebox devices (16a-16f) each provided with a local server (22a-22f) that mirrors the central server and enables selected songs to be immediately downloaded to the jukebox device (16a-16f) for reproduction. Th ...


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A cascaded organic electroluminescent device with connecting units having improved voltage stability is disclosed. The device comprises an anode, a cathode, a plurality of organic electroluminescent units disposed between the anode and the cathode, wherein the organic electroluminescent units compri ...

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A static inverter for a battery of elementary current sources or cells electrically in series and a number N of intermediate voltage taps along the chain of elementary DC current sources, wherein the number of elementary cells comprised between an intermediate tap and another intermediate tap adjace ...


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The present invention relates to novel compounds, their use for inhibiting serine proteases, such as dipeptidyl peptidases, such as dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) and to methods for their production and their therapeutic utility.

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The tissue-engineered heart valve of the present invention is comprised of elements, such as leaflets, formed from self-supporting human engineered tissue. Such self-supporting tissue is comprised of living biological cells and extracellular matrix without the presence of nonviable scaffolding struc ...

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A shelf management system comprises a product merchandising apparatus (400) for mounting on a shelf, rack or other support unit (405). It comprises a locating strip (430) engageable with the front edge (406) of the shelf. One or more dividers (410) divide the shelf into zones to accommodate product. ...