Xavier Baie
Bruce B Doris, Dureseti Chidambarrao, Xavier Baie, Jack A Mandelman, Devendra K Sadana, Dominic J Schepis: SOI based field effect transistor having a compressive film in undercut area under the channel and a method of making the device. International Business Machines Corporation, Jay H Anderson, Whitham Curtis & Christofferson P C, April 6, 2004: US06717216 (146 worldwide citation)

Field effect transistor with increased charge carrier mobility due to stress in the current channel 22. The stress is in the direction of current flow (longitudinal). In PFET devices, the stress is compressive; in NFET devices, the stress is tensile. The stress is created by a compressive film 34 in ...

Anthony S. McCoppin
William J Nolan Jr, Michael A Spohn, John Haury, Anthony S McCoppin, Frank A Lazzaro, Robert J Ashcraft Jr, James Albert Dedig, Christopher J Blue, David H Berry: Syringe adapters for use with an injector. Medrad, Gregory L Bradley, Henry E Bartony Jr, April 6, 2004: US06716195 (86 worldwide citation)

An adapter for releasably attaching a syringe to an injector includes a first section and a second section connected about a hinge axis that is generally perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the adapter. The first section and the second section are rotatable about the hinge axis between an open p ...

Hsi-Hsun Tsai
Win Yann Jang, Hai Haun Tsai, I Han Wu: Automatic device for assembling fiber collimator. Pro Techtor International, April 6, 2004: US06718090 (1 worldwide citation)

An automatic device for assembling a fiber collimator. The fiber collimator includes a transparent tubular holder, an optical fiber having a first end surface disposed at an end of the tubular holder, and a GRIN lens having a second end surface disposed at the other end of the tubular holder. The au ...

Vijay R Basani, Krishna Mangiapudi, Lynne M Murach, Leroy R Karge, Vitaly S Revsin, Azer Bestavros, Mark E Crovella, Domenic J LaRosa: Method and apparatus for reliable and scalable distribution of data files in distributed networks. Network Appliance, Brian L Michaelis, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, April 6, 2004: US06718361 (846 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system and apparatus for efficient and reliable, control and distribution of data files or portions of files, applications, or other data objects in large-scale distributed networks. A unique content-management front-end provides efficient controls for triggering dis ...

Michael P Whitman: Electromechanical driver and remote surgical instrument attachment having computer assisted control capabilities. Power Medical Interventions, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 6, 2004: US06716233 (657 worldwide citation)

A medical tool comprising an electromechanical driver and a surgical instrument attachment for use in invasive surgery, including a handle coupled to a flexible sheath which is in turn coupled to a surgical attachment. The handle of the driver includes the electromechanical driver and at least one p ...

Scott R Swix, John R Stefanik, John C Batten: Method and system for providing targeted advertisements. BellSouth Intellectual Property Corporation, Shaw Pittman, April 6, 2004: US06718551 (646 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing targeted advertisements over a networked media delivery system, especially interactive television networks, the system comprising tracking and storing viewer selections, analyzing the selections, and delivering targeted advertisements that appeal to the particular s ...

Claude A Vidal, Alan K Plyley, Russell J Redmond, Roger Lagerquist: Surgical instrument having an articulated jaw structure and a detachable knife. United States Surgical Corporation, April 6, 2004: US06716232 (533 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument with articulated jaw structure includes a frame and two jaws. The jaws have proximal portions that are mounted to each other for movement in a substantially parallel relation between a fully open position wherein the jaws are separated for receiving tissue therebetween and an a ...

Roy Aaron Underwood: System, method and article of manufacture for an activity framework design in an e-commerce based environment. Accenture, W Glenn Edwards, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, April 6, 2004: US06718535 (503 worldwide citation)

A system and method are provided for providing an activity framework. First, a plurality of sub-activities are created which each include sub-activity logic adapted to generate an output based on an input received from a user upon execution. Second, a plurality of activities are defined which each e ...

Brent J Bos, Kenneth Schofield, Mark L Larson: Wide angle image capture system for vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, April 6, 2004: US06717610 (396 worldwide citation)

A wide-angle image capture system for providing a wide-angle field of view of an area immediately exteriorly of a vehicle. The system includes a convex aspheric, asymmetric reflective surface which reflects an image toward an image capture device, via a substantially flat mirrored surface, both of w ...

Ryan P Boucher, Mark A Reiley, Robert M Scribner, Michael L Reo: Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies. Kyphon, Ryan Kromholz & Manion S C, April 6, 2004: US06716216 (350 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods treat at least two vertebral bodies in a spinal column. The systems and methods make use of first and second tool assemblies operable to treat an interior region of, respectively, a first vertebral body and a second vertebral body in the spinal column. The systems and methods pro ...

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