Ethan Simon
Casmir S Ilenda, Michael Louis Spera, Andrew T Daly, Robert H Gore, Wayne Devonport, Eric G Lundquist, Paul Francis Reeve, James R Lesniak, Ethan S Simon, Warren H Machleder, Eric Michael Machleder: Damage resistant coatings, films and articles of manufacture containing crosslinked nanoparticles. Rohm And Haas Company, April 1, 2004: US20040063817-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for imparting damage resistance to a coating, film or article of manufacture comprising adding crosslinked polymeric nanoparticles having a size range of 1-100 nm in diameter to said coating, film or article of manufacture.

Sagy Pundak Mintz
Sagy P Mintz, Robert West, Christos Kondilis: System and method for simulating an electronic trading environment. Mbhb Trading Technologies, April 1, 2004: US20040064395-A1

Market data is recorded from a real live exchange. The recording data can be played back in real time or delayed, in any manner, to simulate the recorded market. Moreover, one or more users can participate in the simulated market just as if they were participating in a real-live market. The system p ...

Orloff Eugene L Y, Subramanian Kumar: Integrated lancing and analytic device. Phoenix Bioscience, Orloff Eugene L Y, Subramanian Kumar, WEBER Kenneth A, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026130 (124 worldwide citation)

This invention provides for an integrated device (1) having a lance (3) and analytic device (2) in a single disposable unit where the lance (3) releases fluid from skin and the analytic device (2) collects and analyzes the fluid without the user removing an instrument housing which holds the disposa ...

Sakowski Stanley P: Compact currency handling machine. Cummins Allison, KITCH Paul R, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/027717 (106 worldwide citation)

A compact currency handling system comprising a transportation mechanism including a facing mechanism. The device comprises an evaluation unit adapted to determine denomination of currency bills. The system is adapted to rest on a table top and output currency to seven output receptacles based on de ...

Miles Mark W, Batey John, Chui Clarence, Kothari Manish: Controlling electromechanical behavior of structures within a microelectromechanical systems device. Iridigm Display Corporation, Miles Mark W, Batey John, Chui Clarence, Kothari Manish, MALLIE Michael J, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026757 (99 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, the invention provides a method for fabricating a microelectromechanical system device. The method comprises fabricating a first layer (14) comprising a film (14) having a characteristic electromechanical response, and a characteristic optical response, wherein the characteristic ...

Maguire Mark A, Geoffrion Richard P: Intra-aortic renal delivery catheter. Flowmedica, Maguire Mark A, Geoffrion Richard P, O BANION John P, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026370 (88 worldwide citation)

A renal flow system and method direct fluid into renal arteries from a location within the aorta. A renal flow assembly has a tapered tube that is adjustable between a radially collapsed condition for delivery to the location through a delivery sheath and a radially expanded condition that divides a ...

Valencia Aurelio, Aboytes Ricardo, Elkins Jeffrey M, Goodson Harry B Iv, Patel Samir R, Ball Craig A, Greenan Trevor M, Kesten Randy J, Kramer Andrew K, Payne Sam G, Pesotchinsky Sophia, Rosenthal Michael H: Method and apparatus for selective drug infusion via an intraaortic flow diverter delivery catheter. Flowmedica, Valencia Aurelio, Aboytes Ricardo, Elkins Jeffrey M, Goodson Harry B Iv, Patel Samir R, Ball Craig A, Greenan Trevor M, Kesten Randy J, Kramer Andrew K, Payne Sam G, Pesotchinsky Sophia, Rosenthal Michael H, O BANION John P, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026371 (86 worldwide citation)

A local renal delivery system (50) includes a flow isolation assembly and a local injection assembly. The flow isolation assembly in one mode is adapted to isolate only a partial flow region along the outer circumference along the aorta wall such that fluids inject there are maintained to flow subst ...

Erickson John, Blischak Brian, Daglow Terry: Programmable dose control module. Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, TANNENBAUM David H, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026374 (81 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a dose control module (18) for manipulating the dosage of one or more pharmaceutical solutions emanating from an implantable drug infusion pump (14). The dose control module has a processor and other circuitry for manipulating flow valves (16) and other dose manipulators ...

Maryanka Paz: A nasal cavity dilator. Asap Breathe Assist, Maryanka Paz, CHANDLER Warren, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026391 (81 worldwide citation)

An adjustable nasal cavity dilation device (5) for urging the cavity towards an open condition, the device having: a flexible wall structure having a plurality of longitudinally extending elongated ribs (32) extending between a top frame (35) and a bottom frame (33) with the wall structure having va ...

Cali Douglas, Myers Keith, Biancucci Brian, Artof Jason, Nguyen Christine, Quijano Rodolfo: Prosthetic mitral valve. 3f Therapeutics, CORR Steven J, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/026117 (79 worldwide citation)

An improved prosthetic mitral valve (90) is provided having advantageous hemodynamic performance, nonthrombogenicity, and durability. The valve (90) includes a valve body (92) having an inflow annulus (150) and an outflow annulus. Commissural attachment locations (154) are disposed adjacent the outf ...