James Reuss
James L Reuss: Pulse oximeter with calibration stabilization. OB Scientific, Reinhart Boerner Van Duren s c, March 23, 2004: US06711425 (203 worldwide citation)

An improved pulse oximeter (sensor and monitor) uses a plurality of wavelengths selected to provide sensitivity to both oxygen saturation and deviations in tissue site characteristic(s) from conditions at calibration. The monitor detects and/or removes the effects of deviations on SpO

Pavitra Subramaniam, Jason Zoss, Jian Jung Ying, Marc Caltabiano: Method, apparatus, and system for previewing search results. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Siebel Systems, March 23, 2004: US06711565 (986 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect of the present invention, a method is provided in which a search request containing search criteria is received from a first user. A search is performed based on the search criteria to retrieve records in one or more databases that match the search criteria. A list of search ...

G Victor Treyz, Susan M Treyz: Automobile personal computer systems. G Victor Treyz, March 23, 2004: US06711474 (519 worldwide citation)

An automobile personal computer system is provided. A user of the system may wirelessly interact with merchants, communications facilities, information providers, computers at the home or office, and other entities. Such interactions may involve local wireless links and remote wireless links. Wirele ...

Mark W Miles, Clarence Chui: Controlling micro-electro-mechanical cavities. Iridigm Display Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, March 23, 2004: US06710908 (483 worldwide citation)

Among other things, a cavity having a cavity dimension is configured so that the cavity dimension changes in response to electrostatic forces applied to the cavity, and at least two electrical structures are configured to apply electrostatic forces in the vicinity of the cavity, the electrical struc ...

Max Copperman, Mark Angel, Jeffrey H Rudy, Scott B Huffman, David B Kay, Raya Fratkina: System and method for implementing a knowledge management system. Kanisa, Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth P A, March 23, 2004: US06711585 (440 worldwide citation)

A method and system organize and retrieve information using taxonomies, a document classifier, and an autocontextualizer. Documents (or other knowledge containers) in an organization and retrieval subsystem may be manually or automatically classified into taxonomies. Documents are transformed from c ...

David G Lowe: Method and apparatus for identifying scale invariant features in an image and use of same for locating an object in an image. The University of British Columbia, Christie Parker & Hale, March 23, 2004: US06711293 (364 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for identifying scale invariant features in an image and a further method and apparatus for using such scale invariant features to locate an object in an image are disclosed. The method and apparatus for identifying scale invariant features may involve the use of a processor c ...

Jonathan J Langberg, Michael D Lesh: Percutaneous mitral annuloplasty with hemodynamic monitoring. EV3 Santa Rosa, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 23, 2004: US06709456 (343 worldwide citation)

A minimally invasive method of performing mitral annuloplasty is disclosed. An implantable device is positioned within the coronary sinus and tightened around the mitral annulus. Mitral valve regurgitation is monitored before, during, and/or after the tightening step. An on-going drug therapy may be ...

Howard Wing Hoon Lee, Majid Keshavarz: Nanocomposite materials with engineered properties. UltraDots, Cooley Godward, March 23, 2004: US06710366 (318 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a nanocomposite material. The nanocomposite material comprises a matrix material and a plurality of quantum dots dispersed in the matrix material. The nanocomposite material has a nonlinear index of refraction &ggr; that is at least 10

Norman M Krause, Lee E Weiss, Kenji Shimada, Takeo Kanade: Computer-aided orthopedic surgery. Carnegie Mellon University, Kevin A Oliver, Foley Hoag, March 23, 2004: US06711432 (303 worldwide citation)

Devices and methods for implementing computer-aided surgical procedures and more specifically devices and methods for implementing a computer-aided orthopedic surgery utilizing intra-operative feedback. A three-dimensional model of an area of a patient upon which a surgical procedure is to be perfor ...

Pinhas Gilboa, David Tolkowsky, David Hollander: System and method for determining the location of a catheter during an intra-body medical procedure. Super Dimension, Mark M Friedman, March 23, 2004: US06711429 (294 worldwide citation)

A system and method of displaying at least one point-of-interest of a body during an intra-body medical procedure. The method is effected by (a) establishing a location of the body; (b) establishing a location of an imaging instrument being for imaging at least a portion of the body; (c) defining at ...