Katherina Babich
Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina E Babich, Cameron James Brooks, S Jay Chey, C Richard Guarnieri, Michael Straight Hibbs, Kenneth Christopher Racette: Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks. Dr Daniel P Morris Esq, IBM Corporation, March 18, 2004: US20040053026-A1

An attenuating embedded phase shift photomask blank that produces a phase shift of the transmitted light is formed with an optically translucent film made of metal, silicon, nitrogen or metal, silicon, nitrogen and oxygen. A wide range of optical transmission (0.001% up to 20% at 193 nm) is obtained ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Minjoo L Lee, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Method for improving hole mobility enhancement in strained silicon p-type MOSFETS. Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, March 18, 2004: US20040053470-A1

A method of forming a MOSFET device is provided. The method includes providing a substrate. The method includes forming on the substrate a relaxed SiGe layer having a Ge content between 0.51 and 0.80. Furthermore, the method includes depositing on the relaxed SiGe layer a -Si layer.

Dana Gronbeck
Dana A Gronbeck, Michael K Gallagher, Jeffrey M Calvert, Christopher P Sullivan: Electronic device manufacture. Shipley Company, S Matthew Cairns, c o EDWARDS & ANGELL, March 18, 2004: US20040052948-A1

Treatment procedures for organic polysilica layers are provided that improve the adhesion of layers of material that are subsequently applied to the treated organic polysilica layers. In particular, layers of organic polymeric material have improved adhesion to such treated organic polysilica layers ...

Marcos Laraia
J Marcos Laraia: Integrated overvoltage and reverse voltage protection circuit. Workman Nydegger, March 18, 2004: US20040052022-A1

An integrated overvoltage and reverse voltage protection circuit. The protection circuit includes a field-effect transistor having a source terminal coupled to an input terminal of the protection circuit, and a drain terminal coupled to an output terminal of the protection circuit. A resistor is cou ...

Longzhi Jiang
Timothy J Havens, Longzhi Jiang, Gregory A Lehmann: MRI magnet vibration induced field instability simulator. Artz & Artz PC, March 18, 2004: US20040051530-A1

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) magnet field instability simulator (80) is provided. The simulator includes a rigid body motion generator (82) that simulates motion of one or more MRI system components. An eddy current analyzer (84) generates a magnetic stiffness and damping signal and an electro ...

Zirps Christopher T, Membrino Timothy R, Copeland David J, Silva Sean J, Mears Eric, Logan Joseph, Yardan Steven J: External endoscopic accessory control system. Cr Bard, PERULLO John F, March 18, 2004: WO/2004/021868 (371 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an endoscopic accessory control system that resides externally of the endoscope. The system comprises the endoscopic accessory with a working end to be placed at the distal end of the endoscope, a control sheath extending proximally external to the endoscope and a cont ...

Kelleher Brian, Stone Corbett: Device and method for endoluminal therapy. Kelleher Brian, RICHMAN Merle, March 18, 2004: WO/2004/021894 (135 worldwide citation)

A device and method for selectively engaging or penetrating a layer of a luminal organ wall (20) where the luminal organ wall (20) has a plurality of layers including an outermost layer (22) and an innermost layer (28) adjacent to the lumen of the organ. The device and method select one of the plura ...

Wakabayashi Toshio, Ukawa Yusuke, Yoshida Naoki: Planar antenna. Tokai Univ, March 18, 2004: JP2004-088218 (127 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a planar antenna which resonates with a simple structure and is commonly usable for two or three frequencies at low cost and superior in general purpose availability.SOLUTION: A flat ground conductor 2 is bonded adjacently to a tabular dielectric substrate 1, and a f ...

Briggs Barry Dean, Freeman Dominique M, Alden Don, Leonard Jon Hewitt, Boecker Dirk: Methods and apparatus for lancet actuation. Pelikan Technologies, TUNG Hao Y, March 18, 2004: WO/2004/022133 (119 worldwide citation)

A lancet driver is provided wherein the driver exerts a driving force on a lancet during a lancing cycle and is used on a tissue site. The driver comprises of a drive force generator for advancing the lancet along a path into the tissue site, and a sensor configured to detect lancet position along s ...

Shimura Kazuhiro: Pneumatic tire. Yokohama Rubber The, March 18, 2004: JP2004-082775 (105 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pneumatic tire provided with an electronic device such as a transmitter communicating through electromagnetic wave inside of the tire than a metal reinforcement layer, capable of improving communication failure due to the metal reinforcement layer without deteriora ...