Scott A Bergemann: Inbred corn line LH295. Holden&apos s Foundation Seeds, Fulbright & Jaworski L, February 17, 2004: US06693232 (1239 worldwide citation)

An inbred corn line, designated LH295, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of inbred corn line LH295, to the plants of inbred corn line LH295 and to methods for producing a corn plant, either inbred or hybrid, by crossing the inbred line LH295 with itself or another corn line.

Timothy J Starkweather, Ronald J Lebel, Varaz Shahmirian, Philip T Weiss, David J Marsh: Ambulatory medical apparatus and method having telemetry modifiable control software. Medtronic Minimed, Foley & Lardner, February 17, 2004: US06694191 (692 worldwide citation)

An implanted medical device (e.g. infusion pump) and handheld communication device wherein the implantable device is capable of operating under control of different software programs, wherein a first program operates after resetting the implantable device and is not capable of providing significant ...

Yue Teh Jang: Percutaneous filtration catheter for valve repair surgery and methods of use. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, John Christopher James, O&apos Melveny & Myers, February 17, 2004: US06692512 (323 worldwide citation)

A percutaneous filtration catheter used to entrap emboli from a patient's aorta and heart during cardiac surgery. The catheter has an elongate member, a proximal end, and a distal end. A balloon occluder is mounted on the distal end of the elongate member and an expandable filter is mounted on ...

J Christopher Flaherty: Flow condition sensor assembly for patient infusion device. Insulet Corporation, McDermott Will & Emery, February 17, 2004: US06692457 (290 worldwide citation)

A device for delivering fluid to a patient including an exit port assembly adapted to connect to a transcutaneous patient access tool, a flow path extending from the exit port assembly, and a flow condition sensor assembly including a resilient diaphragm having opposing first and second surfaces. Th ...

Charles H Pugsley, Joseph A Levendusky: Impermanent biocompatible fastener. SciMed Life Systems, Kriegsman & Kriegsman, February 17, 2004: US06692507 (267 worldwide citation)

An impermanent biocompatible fastener comprises a male portion and a female portion. The male portion includes a base member and a pair of male members. The male members extend downwardly from the base member, each male member comprising a post and a head disposed at the bottom end of the post. The ...

Oleg Siniaguine, Sergey Savastiouk: Packaging of integrated circuits and vertical integration. Tru Si Technologies, Michael Shenker, MacPherson Kwok Chen & Heid, February 17, 2004: US06693361 (265 worldwide citation)

A first level packaging wafer is made of a semiconductor or insulating material. The bumps on the wafer are made using vertical integration technology, without solder or electroplating. More particularly, vias are etched part way into a first surface of the substrate. Metal is deposited into the via ...

Anthony J Baerlocher, Peter Gerrard: Gaming device having separately changeable value and modifier bonus scheme. IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, February 17, 2004: US06692355 (262 worldwide citation)

The apparatus and method of the present invention provides a gaming device having a separately changeable value and multiplier bonus scheme. The bonus scheme begins when a triggering event occurs during normal operation of the gaming device. Initially, the game displays a value and a multiplier to t ...

David L Multer, Robert E Garner, Leighton A Ridgard, Liam J Stannard, Donald W Cash, Richard M Onyon: Data transfer and synchronization system. Fusionone, Vierra Magen Marcus Harmon & DeNiro, February 17, 2004: US06694336 (259 worldwide citation)

A system in a processing device having at least one application including application data in a format in an application data store. The system includes: a system data store associated with the processing device including a representation of a previous state of application data in the application da ...

Craig A Herb, Ian D Morrison, Andrew L Loxley: Threshold addressing of electrophoretic displays. E Ink Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, February 17, 2004: US06693620 (258 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for an electrophoretic display in which the particle motion is a controlled, non-linear function of the applied electric field. Threshold addressing allows simple, inexpensive passive addressing techniques to be employed. The inverse electrorheological gating techniques allow t ...

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