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The present invention provides the technique related to a kind of semiconductor memory device that is composed of the following devices: a semiconductor substrate 11; the gate insulation film 12 formed on the semiconductor substrate 11; a single gate electrode 13 formed on the gate insulation film 1 ...

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The detection of moving vector in each area employs moving compensation prediction of virtual sample, but locality pertaining to area size of each moving vector detection unit determines virtual sample precision. For example, the moving vector detection unit area for 8x4, 4x8, 4x4 sizes smaller than ...

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A data mask map may be programmed into a storage device in various ways. In one embodiment, the data mask is hardwired into a selection device to reorder either the data mask bits or the data chunks. In another embodiment, a data mask map is retrieved from a location in memory. In still another embo ...

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The object of the present invention is to reduce a decrease in quality by inserting a high-frequency component even of an audio signal of a low encoding rate into a decoder. The audio signal is decoded into frequency components x[0] to x[M] (step 2). A reference frequency component area for insertio ...

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User equipment (UE) can detect a Radio Link Control (RLC) unrecoverable error and a Radio Link (RL) failure. The two errors are handled differently while the UE is in a dedicated channel (DCH) state. The RL failure leads to execution of Radio Access Bearer (RAB) release steps, characterized by utili ...




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The present invention provides a structure of an LED illuminating apparatus, which is used as the light source to prevent damage to the optical components by the UV and IR radiation emitted from the conventional UHP mercury lamp. The red, green, and blue monochromatic LED arrays emit desirable wavel ...

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A kind of elastic bump structure and its manufacturing method for use in flip-chip package of electronic device are revealed in the present invention. The elastic bump structure is composed of polymer bump and metal layer, and is formed on the conductive contact of the electronic device surface. The ...