Plyley Alan K, Vidal Claude A, Redmond Russell J, Minck John L Jr, Solyntjes Alan J: Surgical stapler with offset staple rows. United States Surgical, January 21, 2004: EP1382303-A1 (407 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a surgical stapler with six rows of staples, wherein at least one of the six rows of staples is longitudinally offset from all of the other rows, such that the staples in all six rows are not ejected simultaneously.

Boland Michele B, Boyd Charles N, Kancherla Anantha R: Intermediate buffers in a graphics system. Microsoft, January 21, 2004: EP1383080-A1 (63 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for utilizing intermediate target(s) in connection with computer graphics in a computer system are provided. In various embodiments, intermediate memory buffers in video memory are provided and utilized to allow serialized programs from graphics APIs to support algorithms that ex ...

Van Oosterom Piet J A: Aqueous disinfecting compositions with rapid bactericidal effect. Tevan, January 21, 2004: EP1382666-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

An aqueous disinfecting composition based on hydrogen peroxide and a mixture of carboxylic and percarboxylic acids, wherein the weight ratio of the said mixture to hydrogen peroxide is from 0.002 to 0.08, and wherein the said composition further comprises an effective amount of a metal component as ...

Hansen Erling Lennart, Husemoen Thor, Nissen Povl: Formaldehyde-free aqueous binder composition for mineral fibers. Rockwool Int, January 21, 2004: EP1382642-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

A formaldehyde-free aqueous binder composition comprises a binder component (A) obtainable by reacting at least one alkanolamine with at least one carboxylic anhydride and, optionally, treating the reaction product with a base; and a binder component (B) which comprises at least one carbohydrate. Th ...

Macgregor Lucy M, Rust Jennifer L, Sinha Martin C: Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Univ Southampton, January 21, 2004: GB2390904-A (36 worldwide citation)

Electromagnetic surveying of an area of seafloor (6) that potentially contains a subterranean hydrocarbon reservoir (12) comprises using a vertical em source signal to obtain a first survey data set, and using a horizontal em source signal to obtain a second survey data set. The vertical source is a ...

Yoshida Ichiro, Yoneda Naoki, Ohashi Yoshiaki, Suzuki Shuichi, Miyamoto Mitsuaki, Miyazaki Futoshi, Seshimo Hidenori, Kamata Junichi, Takase Yasutaka, Shirato Manabu, Shimokubo Daiya, Sakuma Yoshinori, Yokohama Hiromitsu: Nitrogenous fused-ring compound having pyrazolyl group as substituent and medicinal composition thereof. Eisai, January 21, 2004: EP1382603-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a compound having an excellent inhibitory action on activation of STAT6 and a pharmaceutical composition thereof. Inparticular, it provides a compound represented by the following formula (I), a salt thereof or a hydrate of them. In the formula, X represents a nitrogen ...

Vaage Svein Torleif: Firing sequence of multiple sources in a marine seismic survey. Pgs Americas, January 21, 2004: GB2390902-A (27 worldwide citation)

A vessel SEV tows first sources (or source arrays) SA1, SA2 and streamers 2a-2d. A second vessel SOV tows second sources (or source arrays) SB1, SB2 along or parallel to a the survey line 5 at a distance from the first sources. During data acquisition the first sources SA1, SA2 and the second source ...

Bonnette Michael John, Thor Eric Joel, Weisel Stephen Earl, Wong Amanda J: Rapid exchange fluid jet thrombectomy device. Possis Medical, January 21, 2004: EP1382366-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

A rapid exchange fluid jet thrombectomy device (14) for removal of thrombus or unwanted tissue debris from a vein, artery or the like. The device includes a semi-rigid intermediate tube (30) between a proximal (28) and a distal (32) exhaust tube which accommodates a guidewire tube (46) exit located ...

Lewis Guy, Pan Chien Ping, Cemal Ercan, Wright Harold A, Minahan David M, Landis Steve, Anderson David, Melquist Vincent, Straguzzi Gloria: Gas distributor comprising a plurality of channels and its use in a catalytic reactor. Conoco Phillips Company, January 21, 2004: EP1382382-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of partially oxidizing a feed gas comprises providing a reactor containing a catalyst, providing a gas distributor comprising a body having a plurality of channels therethrough and a plurality of outlets from said channels for distributing gas across the catalyst, feeding the feed gas and t ...

Govari Assaf, Dayan Avinoam, Davison Dale G, Ferro Thomas G: Distal targeting of locking screws in intramedullary nails. Biosense, January 21, 2004: EP1382308-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

In a distal targeting system a hand-held location pad is integral with a guide section for a drill or similar surgical instrument, and has a plurality of magnetic field generators. A sensor, such as a wireless sensor, having a plurality of field transponders, is disposed in an orthopedic appliance, ...

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