Schmidgall Martin, Janzen Jakob, Diehl Ralph: Suction device for cleaning purposes. Kaercher & Co Kg Alfred, January 14, 2004: EP1380246-A2 (86 worldwide citation)

The suction device (10) serving for cleaning purposes comprises an areal filter element (56) which in a nonloaded state has an arched shape (60) relative to its frame. The arching direction is reversible by reversal of the air flow (54) passing through the filter (50).

Aleker Hubert, Janzen Jakob, Diehl Ralph: Floor cleaning device. Kaercher & Co Kg Alfred, January 14, 2004: EP1380245-A1 (85 worldwide citation)

A floor cleaning apparatus has a dust entry opening (21) in a housing (12) and a collecting holder with an element to support the housing on the floor comprising discs (42,43) on a rotary axle (46) with radial regions resting on the floor. At least one side flank of a disc is inclined to the axle.

Cook Robert Lance, Brisco David Paul, Stewart R Bruce, Wyant Reece Edward, Ring Lev, Nahm James Jang Woo, Haut Richard Carl, Mack Robert Donald, Duell Alan B, Filippov Andrei Gregory, Cowan Kenneth Michael, Dean William Joseph: Wellbore casing repair. Shell Oil, January 14, 2004: GB2390628-A (84 worldwide citation)

A first tubular member 370 of smaller diameter is coupled to a second tubular member 100 of larger diameter by placing the smaller tubular inside the larger tubular and displacing an expansion cone 375 through the smaller tubular. The interface between cone and tubular is lubricated and the cone is ...

Friedel Bernd, Ritter Kai Uwe: Power amplification by using different fixed power supply signals for the amplifier. Lucent Technologies, January 14, 2004: EP1381154-A1 (69 worldwide citation)

The invention proposes a power amplification under variable envelope excitation, wherein an original input signal at least is converted into a phase modulated signal part, at least the phase modulated signal part is fed to an input port of an amplifier unit, the input signal is amplified by dynamica ...

Cook Robert Lance, Ring Lev: Mono-diameter wellbore casing. Enventure Global Technology, January 14, 2004: GB2390622-A (48 worldwide citation)

A mono-diameter wellbore (100) casing. If the fluid seal of the overlapping joint between the upper end portion (210d) of the tubular member (210) and the lower end portion (115a) of the casing (115) is satisfactory, then any uncured portion of the material (255) within the expanded tubular member ( ...

Chang Andrew, Patel Ronak, Wong Ming G, Lin Yu Mei: High-performance network switch. Foundry Networks, January 14, 2004: EP1380127-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

A backplane interface adapter with error control and redundant fabric for a high-performance network switch. The redundant fabric transceiver of the backplane interface adapter improves the adapter's ability to properly and consistently receive narrow input cells carrying packets of data and output ...

Maclean Crawford Jamieson Will, Bennett Michael, Newby C Mark: Safety needle assembly. Becton Dickinson Co, January 14, 2004: EP1380315-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a safety shield assembly having a shield and a collar for connecting the shield to a fluid handling device whereby the shield may be pivoted with respect to the collar. Preferably, the safety shield assembly may be used with a needle assembly, an intravenous infusion set a s ...



Kato Yoshifumi: Reflecting colour liquid crystal display. Toyota Jidoshokki, January 14, 2004: EP1380876-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal display unit has a liquid crystal panel (1), a plurality of color filter members (7a,7b,7c) and a backlight constituted by an organic electroluminescent device (120). The liquid crystal panel (1) has a plurality of pixels. The color filter members (7a,7b,7c) have different colors fo ...