Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, John W Smith: Vapor phase connection techniques. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, January 13, 2004: US06675469 (7 worldwide citation)

Electrical connections are made between a pair of elements disposed on opposite side of the hole extending through a dielectric layer by evaporating a conductive material such as a metal having high vapor pressure within the hole while maintaining the hole in a substantially sealed condition. The pr ...

John Yamamoto
Won Suh Park, John Hiroshi Yamamoto: Method for preparation of lithium aluminum hydride from sodium aluminum hydride. Rohm and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, January 13, 2004: US06676921

A method for preparing a lithium aluminum hydride solution comprising lithium aluminum hydride, toluene and tetrahydrofuran by the steps of: (a) combining lithium chloride, tetrahydrofuran, and a slurry of sodium aluminum hydride in toluene; and (b) allowing the mixture formed in step (a) to react t ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Method of fabricating a relaxed silicon germanium platform having planarizing for high speed CMOS electronics and high speed analog circuits. AmberWave Systems Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, January 13, 2004: US06677192 (49 worldwide citation)

Structures and methods for fabricating high speed digital, analog, and combined digital/analog systems using planarized relaxed SiGe as the materials platform. The relaxed SiGe allows for a plethora of strained Si layers that possess enhanced electronic properties. By allowing the MOSFET channel to ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne Scott: Apparatus for dispensing fluid into pre-formed, flexible containers and enclosing the fluid within the containers. Sealed Air Corporation, Thomas C Lagaly, January 13, 2004: US06675557 (7 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for dispensing fluid into pre-formed, flexible containers and enclosing the fluid within the containers includes a web of film comprising a series of pre-formed flexible containers, each of the pre-formed containers being capable of holding therein a quantity of fluid and having an open ...

Wayne Carl Westerman: System and method for recognizing touch typing under limited tactile feedback conditions. Finger Works, January 13, 2004: US06677932 (550 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for recognizing typing from typing transducers that provide the typist with only limited tactile feedback of key position. The system includes a typing decoder sensitive to the geometric pattern of a keystroke sequence as well as the distance between individual finger touches a ...

Mohamed Kheir Diab, Massi E Kiani, Charles Robert Ragsdale, James M Lepper Jr: Optical probe and positioning wrap. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 13, 2004: US06678543 (535 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present disclosure include an oximeter sensor system including a reusable portion including a substantially rigid connector connected to an end of a cable. The substantially rigid connector includes an electronic element housing at least one electronic component of a probe. The sy ...

Leonid Sheynblat, Norman F Krasner: Method and apparatus for providing location-based information via a computer network. Snaptrack, Philip Wadsworth, Charles Brown, Bruce W Greenhaus, January 13, 2004: US06677894 (520 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatuses for distributing location-based information (i.e., information specific to a client's location or a location of interest to the client) to a client, which may be a mobile SPS receiver, via the Internet and in particular, the World-Wide Web. The client provides informatio ...

Scott D Wampler, David C Yates, Trevor W V Speeg, Jeffrey J Vaitekunas, Vance V Van Drake III, Ryan Niezgoda: Feedback light apparatus and method for use with an electrosurgical instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Verne E Kreger Jr, January 13, 2004: US06676660 (466 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates, in general, to electrosurgical instruments and, more particularly, to a feedback light used in cooperation with an electrosurgical instrument. The present invention further comprises first and second moveable jaws. A first electrode is housed within the first moveable ...

Jeremy A Landt: System and method for automatically controlling or configuring a device, such as an RFID reader. Intermec IP, Seed IP Law Group PLLC, January 13, 2004: US06677852 (286 worldwide citation)

The system and method for automatically controlling or configuring, a device, such as an RFID Reader, reads a master control tag to upload sets of instructions from the tag to memory resident in the reader. Thereafter, the reader may read a control tag to select one or more sets of instructions stor ...

Richard S Stack, Richard A Glenn, Trevor J Moody, Fred E Silverstein, Nathan Every, William S Eubanks Jr: Satiation devices and methods. Stallman & Pollock, January 13, 2004: US06675809 (282 worldwide citation)

A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis self-expandable from a collapsed position in which the prosthesis has a first diameter to an expanded position in which the prosthesis has a second, larger, diameter. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is ...

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