Eugene Fitzgerald
Kenneth C Wu, Eugene A Fitzgerald, Gianni Taraschi, Jeffrey T Borenstein: Etch stop layer system. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, January 1, 2004: US20040000268-A1

A SiGe monocrystalline etch-stop material system on a monocrystalline silicon substrate. The etch-stop material system can vary in exact composition, but is a doped or undoped Si1-xGex alloy with x generally between 0.2 and 0.5. Across its thickness, the etch-stop material itself is uniform in compo ...

Tsai Tzung Han, Yang Ya Chau: Method of inverse-modified discrete cosine transform and overlap-add for mpeg layer 3 voice signal decoding and apparatus thereof. National Central University, January 1, 2004: TW569550 (49 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method of inverse-modified discrete cosine transform (IMDCT) and overlap-add for MPEG (motion picture experts group) layer 3 voice frequency decoding and an apparatus thereof. In order to improve the competitiveness of MPEG layer 3 voice frequency decoder in the co ...

Peng Jen Chun: Driver for controlling display cycle of oled and its method. Etoms Electronics, January 1, 2004: TW569173 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a driver for controlling display cycle of OLED and its method. The driver includes: a current buffer, a switch unit and PWM gray-level control unit. The current buffer is connected to a current source providing a constant current. The switch unit is connected to a prec ...

Poechmueller Peter: Encoder, decoder, method for encoding a data word and method for decoding an encoded data word. Infineon Technologies, January 1, 2004: TW569547 (31 worldwide citation)

An encoder (16) for encoding a data word with a plurality of bits, wherein the data word is transmittable in parallel on a data bus (14), wherein one bit line is provided for each bit and wherein each bit may have one of two logical states, including a means for examining the data word in order to d ...

Tsao Yi Chang: Method for fabricating a polysilicon layer. Au Optronics Corporation, January 1, 2004: TW569350 (23 worldwide citation)

A method for fabricating a polysilicon layer comprises steps of: (a) providing a substrate; (b) forming a buffer layer having a plurality of trenches on the substrate; (c) forming an amorphous silicon layer on the buffer layer; and (d) performing a laser annealing process, wherein during the laser a ...

Ishihara Shingo, Aratani Sukekazu, Adachi Masaya: Organic light emitting element and display device using organic light emitting element. Hitachi, January 1, 2004: TW569166 (17 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an organic light-emitting element and display device using organic light emitting element, which forms at least a first electrode, an organic layer, a second electrode and a passivation layer on a substrate, wherein a distance d from a light-emitting area in the organic layer ...

Freeman Martin, Cho Bonghan: User interface with dynamic menu option organization. Philips Electronics North America Corporation, January 1, 2004: TW569122 (15 worldwide citation)

A graphical user interface for a data processing device or system has a plurality of menu options arranged in multiple pages. The menu options are dynamically distributed among the pages in accordance with a user history to reduce the effort of user-navigation among the options. A dynamically adapta ...

Dressler Roger Wallace, Gundry Kenneth James: Method and apparatus for multichannel logic matrix decoding. Dressler Roger Wallace, Gundry Kenneth James, January 1, 2004: TW569551 (13 worldwide citation)

The present invention improves the stability of aural images in the decoding of multichannel signals. Output center-channel and back-surround channel signals are derived or augmented by applying signal processors such as matrix decoders to multichannel input signals.

Lu Jong Hong, Chang Huai Luh, Chen Chiung Hsiung, Huang Yi Ping, Liao Sheng Ju: Self-organized nano-interfacial structure applied to electric device. Industrial Technology Research Institute, January 1, 2004: TW568882 (10 worldwide citation)

A specific nano-interfacial structure is fabricated from self-organization, which induced, by chemical kinetics differences between reactants in a sputtering process. The self-organized nano-interface has nano-scale size and gradual composition variation. The self-organized nano-interface possesses ...

Inoue Hiroyasu, Nagaoka Kenichi, Nakahata Yuji, Taniguchi Yoji, Nakanishi Yohei: Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same. Fujitsu Display Technologies Corporation, January 1, 2004: TW569168 (10 worldwide citation)

When radiating light onto a liquid crystal composition containing a photosensitive material, the alignment of liquid crystal molecules is adjusted by applying a voltage to the liquid crystal composition layer, to achieve substantially orderly alignment of the liquid crystal molecules, or the alignme ...

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