Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Michael Brendan Power, Artashes Amamchyan: Alkyl group VA metal compounds. Shipley Company, c o EDWARDS & ANGELL, Dike Bronstein Roberts & Cushman IP Group, October 23, 2003: US20030199704-A1

Disclosed are methods of preparing monoalkyl Group VA metal dihalide compounds in high yield and high purity by the reaction of a Group VA metal trihalide with an organo lithium reagent or a compound of the formula RnM1X3-n where R is an alkyl, M1 is a Group IIIA metal, X is a halogen and n is an in ...

Katherina Babich
Dirk Pfeiffer, Marie Angelopoulos, Katherina Babich, Phillip Brock, Wu Song Huang, Arpan P Mahorowala, David R Medeiros, Ratnam Sooriyakumaran: Antireflective SiO-containing compositions for hardmask layer. International Business Machines Corporation, Steven Capella, International Bussiness Machines Corporation, October 23, 2003: US20030198877-A1

Antireflective compositions characterized by the presence of an SiO-containing polymer having chromophore moieties and transparent moieties are useful antireflective hardmask compositions in lithographic processes. These compositions provide outstanding optical, mechanical and etch selectivity prope ...

Lockwood Jeffrey S, Petrosenko Robert: Access openings in vacuum bandage. Hill Rom Services, Lockwood Jeffrey S, Petrosenko Robert, CONARD Richard D, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/086232 (13 worldwide citation)

A wound dressing member (19) is provided for use in a vacuum bandage (10) connected to a vacuum source (14) and for use with a wound (12) having a wound surface (13). The member (19) may include a top surface (36) and a bottom surface (24) adapted to be in contact with and generally conform to the w ...

Mirkin Chad A, Nguyen Sonbinh T, Watson Keith J, Park So Jung: Oligonucleotide-modified romp polymers and co-polymers. Nanosphere, Mirkin Chad A, Nguyen Sonbinh T, Watson Keith J, Park So Jung, MIAO Emily, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/087188 (12 worldwide citation)

Ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) polymers or copolymers having oligonucleotides bound thereto, materials comprised of the oligonucleotide-modified ROMP polymers, and methods of making and using the same for preparing new materials and for detection of target nucleic acids are disclosed.

Thomason Graham G: Image rotation correction for video or photographic equipment. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Thomason Graham G, TURNER Richard C, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/088147 (9 worldwide citation)

Image recording apparatus such as a camera (2) stores data (8) representing still or moving image data on a data carrier (12). A rotation sensor (14) measures the angle of orientation of the camera. The stored data is based both on the image data and the output angle data to allow the captured image ...

Trent Raymond A Jr, Shaw Scott J, Gillespie David W, Heiny Christopher, Huie Mark A: Closed-loop sensor on a solid-state object position detector. Synaptics, COPPES GATHY Nicole E, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/088176 (6 worldwide citation)

The technical features mentioned in the abstract do not include a reference sign between parentheses (PCT Rule 8.1(d)). The present invention discloses an object position detector. The object position detector comprises a touch sensor (10) formed as a closed loop (12) and having a physical constrain ...

Orten Birger: Piezoelectric vibration sensor. Meditron Asa, Orten Birger, BRYN AARFLOT, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/087737 (6 worldwide citation)

A sensor unit for picking up mechanical vibrations, sound and ultrasound has at least one piezoelectric foil strip (piezo strip) (1; 1'; 1 ') as a sensor element. The piezo strip has signal wires (5) attached thereto for transporting out electrical signals representing vibration, sound or ultrasound ...

Hickok Teresa, Ruddle Clifford: Ultrasonic microtube dental instruments and methods of using same. San Diego Swiss Machining, Hickok Teresa, Ruddle Clifford, DAMMAN Kirk A, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/086223 (5 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods related to ultrasonic microtube dental instruments designed to cut around a broken instrument by allowing the broken instrument to be placed within a lumen of the microtube instrument while simultaneously boring with the broken instrument and being guided by the broken instrument ...

Holl Richard, Kravig Kasey, Jeffers Scott, Osborne David W, Beaudoin Gerald A, Poshusta Amy: Process for loading a drug delivery device. Atrix Laboratories, Holl Richard, Kravig Kasey, Jeffers Scott, Osborne David W, Beaudoin Gerald A, Poshusta Amy, STEFFEY Charles E, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/086345 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention provides methods for incorporating one or more compositions, each containing at least one active ingredient, into a pre-formed water-soluble pharmaceutical carrier device. Sustained delivery devices and methods of using such devices are also provided.

Augustine Scott D, Anderson Thomas Peter, Arnold Randall Charles: Patient comfort apparatus and system. Arizant Healthcare, Augustine Scott D, Anderson Thomas Peter, Arnold Randall Charles, MEADOR Terrance A, October 23, 2003: WO/2003/086500 (5 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a system for thermally comforting a patient include pneumatic, convective device (110) providing thermal treatment for persons or animals, which is adapted for use in combination with a clinical garment such as a hospital gown, robe, bib, and other equivalents. The pneumatic convective ...