Carlos Augusto: Elevated channel MOSFET. Newport Fab, Farjami & Farjami, October 7, 2003: US06630710 (123 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a semiconductor device (e.g., MOSFET) having a channel above the surface of the wafer containing a well and a junction. The elevated channel may be selectively epitaxially grown and enables higher mobility, thereby enabling a higher current flow at a lower voltage thro ...

Dennis M Bui, Sanford D Damasco: Stent delivery system. Endocare, Lawrence N Ginsberg, October 7, 2003: US06629981 (122 worldwide citation)

A stent delivery catheter is disclosed. The catheter includes an inner catheter tube and an outer catheter tube which are rotatable relative to each other. The inner catheter and outer catheter include releasable attachment structures to releasably engage the ends of the stent. A proximal hand piece ...

Charles C Peck: Gesture sensing split keyboard and approach for capturing keystrokes. International Business Machines Corporation, Stephen C Kaufman, Whitham Curtis & Christofferson P C, October 7, 2003: US06630924 (122 worldwide citation)

A gesture sensing split keyboard can couple the hand and keyboard rotations, can sense hand rotation and one or more keystrokes of each hand, can produce symbolic, control, command, and other types of information based upon all the sensed inputs, and can present the produced information to a computi ...

Hitoshi Odashima, Kazuyuki Futagi, Makoto Matsuoka, Toshimitsu Nakagawa: Method and system for mounting semiconductor device, semiconductor device separating system, and method for fabricating IC card. Hitachi, Antonelli Terry Stout & Kraus, October 7, 2003: US06629553 (117 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device mounting method and system and an IC card fabricating method which can fabricate high quality products by dicing a thin semiconductor wafer, in a state where it is adhered to an adhesive sheet, into thin semiconductor devices, peeling the group of diced thin semiconductor devi ...

Cyril J Schweich Jr, Todd J Mortier, Robert M Vidlund, Peter T Keith, Thomas M Paulson: Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method. Myocor, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, October 7, 2003: US06629921 (117 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the wall tension therein. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a tension member for drawing at least two walls of a heart chamber toward each other. Methods for placing the apparatus on the heart are also provided.

Dmitriy Meyerzon, Srikanth Shoroff, F Soner Terek, Sankrant Sanu: Method and system for incremental web crawling. Microsoft Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, October 7, 2003: US06631369 (114 worldwide citation)

A Web crawler creates an index of documents in a document store on a computer network. In an initial crawl, the crawler creates a first full index for the document store. The first full crawl is based on a set of predefined “seed” URLs and crawl restrictions, and involves recursively retrieving each ...

Ronald A Sahatjian, Robert Boock: Systems and methods for delivering flowable substances for use as implants and surgical sealants. Boston Scientific Corporation, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, October 7, 2003: US06629947 (111 worldwide citation)

A system for delivering a flowable substance capable of changing from liquid to solid for use as implants and surgical sealants includes a first reservoir containing a first flowable substance including a bulking agent, a second reservoir containing a second flowable substance including a reacting a ...

Theodore B Hill, Edward A Radtke, Robert A Schneider, James A Bixby: Portable oxygen concentration system and method of using the same. SeQual Technologies, Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch, October 7, 2003: US06629525 (109 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a portable oxygen concentrator system adapted to be transported by a user. The portable oxygen concentrator system includes an energy source, an air separation device powered by the energy source and adapted to convert ambient air into concentrated oxygen gas for ...

Anthony D Williams: Method and apparatus for developing and placing a circuit design. Xilinx, LeRoy D Maunu, Edel M Young, Justin Liu, October 7, 2003: US06631508 (109 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for developing placement characteristics of a circuit design in conjunction with developing functional aspects of the circuit. In various embodiments, an application programming interface (API) is programmed in a hardware definition language (HDL). The API provides placement d ...

Ronald Nutt, David W Townsend: Combined PET and X-ray CT tomograph. CTI PET Systems, Pitts & Brittian PC, October 7, 2003: US06631284 (105 worldwide citation)

A combined PET and X-Ray CT tomograph for acquiring CT and PET images sequentially in a single device, overcoming alignment problems due to internal organ movement, variations in scanner bed profile, and positioning of the patient for the scan. In order to achieve good signal-to-noise (SNR) for imag ...

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