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An improved respiratory analyzer comprises a disposable flow module and non-disposable electronics module. An improved ventilator system comprises a supply of respiratory gases, a ventilator line for directing the respiratory gases to a patient, a flow module holder located in series with the ventil ...

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Automated generation of schema and interface methods is described. The system receives a schema definition file, which in one aspect of the system is an XML file. The system parses the schema definition file into an internal representation comprising collection classes. A SQL generator traverses the ...

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Methods and systems are provided for enabling a network between a first and a second processor using at least one additional processor separate from the first and second processors. In one embodiment, the first processor and the second processor may each be independently administered through the add ...

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A system and method include implementing and accessing a subscriber's telecommunications services, using a graphical user interface (GUI) via the Internet, and an interactive voice response (IVR) system via the public switched telecommunications network (PSTN). The system and method enable a su ...

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The invention provides improved devices containing adherent carbon nanotube films, in particular electron field emitter structures containing such films. Previously, attaining even moderate adherence of powdery or mat-like nanotubes to a substrate was difficult, because of the perfect fullerene stru ...

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Recognition of a useful signal in a measurement signal by: transforming the measurement signal for a given time slot into the frequency range; identifying frequency peaks in the transformed measurement signal; assigning identified frequency peaks to temporal progressions of identified frequency peak ...

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A method for conducting an ALD process to deposit layers on a substrate which includes an electrostatic chuck (ESC) to retain the substrate. Electrode(s) in the chuck assembly are used to induce a voltage on the substrate to promote precursor adsorption on the substrate.


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A method and circuit of driving a flat display panel formed of a plurality of cells each having a memory function, wherein the cells are formed at cross points of a plurality of X-electrodes and a plurality of Y-electrodes orthogonal to the X-electrodes and a period of a frame for displaying a singl ...

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A method including importing data objects from different data sources to define a data source model, associating each data object with one or more cells in a spreadsheet, and binding data from the data objects to the one or more cells upon request. The binding is based on information from the data s ...