Xavier Baie
Brent A Anderson, Xavier Baie, Randy W Mann, Edward J Nowak, Jed H Rankin: High mobility transistors in SOI and method for forming. International Business Machines Corporation, Mark F Chadurjian, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, September 23, 2003: US06624478 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a device design and method for forming Field Effect Transistors (FETs) that have improved performance without negative impacts to device density. The present invention forms high-gain p-channel transistors by forming them on silicon islands where hole mobility has been ...

Sanjay Chaturvedi
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Anne Mae Gaffney, Scott Han, Michele Doreen Heffner, Ruozhi Song: Halogen promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst. Rohm and Haas Company, September 23, 2003: US06624111 (10 worldwide citation)

A catalyst comprising a promoted mixed metal oxide is useful for the vapor phase oxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated carboxylic acid and for the vapor phase ammoxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated nitrile.

Adam Heller, James L Say, Jeffery V Funderburk: Reusable ceramic skin-piercing device. TheraSense, Merchant & Gould P C, September 23, 2003: US06623501 (509 worldwide citation)

A reusable ceramic skin-piercing device. The skin-piercing device is capable of piercing the skin so as to make a sample of biological fluid available for an assay. In one embodiment, the skin-piercing device includes a skin-piercing element which is heated prior to use to a sufficiently high temper ...

Paul J Thompson, Nathan T Lee: Implant delivery system with interlock. ev3 Peripheral, Merchant & Gould P C, September 23, 2003: US06623518 (480 worldwide citation)

An implant delivery system includes outer and inner elongated, flexible tubular members each having a distal and proximal end. The outer tubular member is sized to be passed through the body lumen with the distal end advanced to the deployment site and with the proximal end remaining external of the ...

Steven A Daniel, Daniel J Balbierz, Robert D Russell, Robert Pearson, Andres Tamayo, Takehito Jimbo, Karen Frischmeyer: Bone-treatment instrument and method. Rita Medical Systems, Jacqueline F Mahoney, Peter J Dehlinger, Perkins Coie, September 23, 2003: US06622731 (453 worldwide citation)

Ablation devices and associated methods are provided for use in palliative treatment of a bone tumor on or in a compact bone region. The bone treatment devices include an elongate probe having a distal end. A proximal end of the probe supports placement in a location at or adjacent to the bone tumor ...

David Lakritz: Multilingual electronic document translation, management, and delivery system. Michael A Glenn, Kirk D Wong, Glenn Patent Group, September 23, 2003: US06623529 (364 worldwide citation)

A document localization, management and delivery system in a computer environment. A preferred embodiment of the invention automatically determines the language and country of a Web site visitor and directs the Web server to deliver the appropriate localized content contained in a country/language d ...

Paul C Weaver, Jeff W Mast, Keith A Mayo, Brett R Bolhofner, David Little: bone plating system. Synthes, Pennie & Edmonds, September 23, 2003: US06623486 (355 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a bone plating system and method for fracture fixation of bone. The bone plating system includes a bone plate, at least one locking screw, and at least one non-locking screw. The bone plate has locking holes with threads and non-locking holes. The locking screws have ...

Renee C Slater: Steerable drug delivery device. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Squire Sanders & Dempsey L, September 23, 2003: US06623448 (340 worldwide citation)

A medical apparatus used to deliver a therapeutic substance. The medical apparatus provides a catheter assembly, which includes a translating body assembly and a fixed body assembly mated together in a telescopic configuration to allow the translating body assembly to move relative to the fixed body ...

Robert L Doubler, John E Hammill Sr: Split ring bone screw for a spinal fixation system. Hammill Manufacturing Company, McHale & Slavin P A, September 23, 2003: US06623485 (327 worldwide citation)

An adjustable spinal fixation system is composed of a collection of anchoring assemblies attached, via a variety of connectors, to spine-stabilizing rods. The anchoring assemblies include a linking member attached in a ball-and-socket fashion to a bone-engaging member that is adapted to engage a spi ...