Katherina Babich
Marie Angelopoulos, Edward D Babich, Inna V Babich, Katherina E Babich, James J Bucchignano, Karen E Petrillo, Steven A Rishton: Forming a pattern of a negative photoresist. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel P Morris, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, September 9, 2003: US06617086 (1 worldwide citation)

A new group of non-chemically amplified negative tone water/aqueous base developable (photo) resists based on redistribution of carbon-oxygen bonds in pendant ester groups of the polymers has been found.

Charles T Liamos, Joseph A Vivolo, Fredric C Colman: Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods. TheraSense, Merchant & Gould P C, September 9, 2003: US06616819 (670 worldwide citation)

A small volume sensor, and methods of making, for determining the concentration of an analyte, such as glucose or lactate, in a biological fluid, such as blood or serum, using techniques such as coulometry, amperometry, and potentiometry. The sensor includes a working electrode and a counter electro ...

James Coleman, Christy Cummins, Chris Martin, Thomas Anthony, Sean Morris: Surgical staples and methods for stapling. Nutter McClennen & Fish, September 9, 2003: US06616686 (485 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple is provided having a base portion and a respective leg extending from each end of the base portion and terminating at a free end. The base portion is deformable to bring the free ends of the legs together to penetrate a liquid-carrying vessel at the site of a puncture and hold the ...

Charles Drutman, Darlene Drutman, Andrew Egendorf, Norton Greenfeld, Eugene Pettinelli: Location dependent user matching system. RovingRadar, Ira J Schaefer Esq, Clifford Chance US, September 9, 2003: US06618593 (460 worldwide citation)

A system and method for matching first and second mobile communications devices are provided. Preference or profile information associated with the first and second mobile communications devices is transmitted to a central server for matching the first and second devices. Location information and tr ...

James Ogilvie, Michael C Sherman, Troy Drewry, Jean Saurat: Method for the correction of spinal deformities through vertebral body tethering without fusion. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, September 9, 2003: US06616669 (382 worldwide citation)

A fusionless method of treating spinal deformities in the spine of a child or young adult involves attaching a tether to vertebral bodies on the convex side of the spine. Deformities are treated by using the tether to selectively constrain growth in a portion of the convex side of the spine. One dev ...

William R Adams: Game with reservable wild indicia. Anchor Gaming, Marshall Gerstein & Borun, September 9, 2003: US06616142 (326 worldwide citation)

Games of skill or chance which provide a player, who has received a wild indicia during one game, with the opportunity to reserve that wild indicia for use in a subsequent game.

Timothy J Brown, Rodney Rivers, Dan Nelson: System and method for authenticating users in a computer network. Saflink Corporation, September 9, 2003: US06618806 (277 worldwide citation)

A rule based biometric user authentication method and system in a computer network environment is provided. Multiple authentication rules can exist in the computer network. For example, there may be a default system-wide rule, and a rule associated with a particular user trying to log in. There may ...

David E Acker, Robert Pacheco, Yong Zou, Yoel Zilberstein: Independently positionable transducers for location system. Biosense, Louis J Capezzuto, September 9, 2003: US06618612 (273 worldwide citation)

A system for determining the disposition of a probe within the body of a patient includes a probe having probe field transducers and a plurality of reference field transducers. The reference field transducers are independently movable with respect to one another to desired, customizable positions cl ...

Robert S Kieval: Systems and method for controlling renovascular perfusion. CVRX, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, September 9, 2003: US06616624 (269 worldwide citation)

Devices, systems and methods by which the real or apparent renovascular perfusion and intrarenal pressure may be selectively and controllably increased. By selectively and controllably increasing renovascular perfusion and interstitial hydrostatic pressure when the heart is unable to pump sufficient ...

Katz Gary: Automated exchange for trading derivative securities. International Securities Exchange, Stephen J Lieb, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, September 9, 2003: US06618707 (262 worldwide citation)

An automated exchange is provided for matching incoming orders for the purchase or sale of financial instruments, such as options contracts, with previously received orders. The exchange allocates the matching of orders first to fill customer orders and then to fill professional orders on a pro rata ...