Cox James L: Heart valve replacement using flexible tubes. 3f Therapeutics, September 3, 2003: EP1340473-A2 (144 worldwide citation)

This invention comprises a method of using tubular material (200) to replace a heart valve (118)(120)(162) during cardiac surgery. To create a replacement atrioventricular (mitral or tricuspid) valve (120)(160), the tube inlet is sutured to a valve annulus (121)(162) from which the native leaflets h ...

Wohlgemuth Ernst Adolf, Delfini Domenico: Antenna module and light pole with such an antenna module. Ewo, September 3, 2003: EP1341255-A1 (133 worldwide citation)

The antenna module has a central pillar (7) enclosed by attachment arrangements (10) for attaching transmission and/or reception antennas(11), especially for telecommunications, a screen (14) of material that passes radio waves and a coupling arrangement (8,9) at the base and/or top of the pillar fo ...

Davidson Laurence Keith, Silver Gavin Antony: Mobile telephone with solar panel. Davidson Laurence Keith, Silver Gavin Antony, September 3, 2003: GB2386027-A (65 worldwide citation)

A mobile telephone having a rechargeable battery is provided additionally with a solar panel comprising at least one solar cell 30 mounted on the telephone and connected to charge the battery. The solar panel of the invention is mounted on the same side of the telephone as the earpiece 14.

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A cavity-retaining tool (230) for surgery of this invention is insertable into body tissues to be ready for use and comprises: a cavity-retaining means (231) which retains a cavity for operation works in the body; and a soft cylinder member (233) which communicates with the cavity retained by the ca ...

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A radio network controller (RNC) transmits a power offset for controlling transmission power of an uplink high speed dedicated physical control channel (HS-DPCCH) when a user equipment (UE) enters a handover region, in a mobile communication system including the RNC, a Node B connected to the RNC, a ...

Olive Scott: Linked progressive jackpot system. Aristocrat Technologies Au, September 3, 2003: EP1341135-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

A gaming machine 10 has a display 14 and a game controller arranged to control images of symbols displayed on the display 14. The game controller is arranged to play a game 16 in which at least one random event is caused to be displayed on the display 14. If a predefined winning event occurs, the ma ...

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There are provided an artificial joint device (2) that can realize an artificial limb enabling twisting motion without a drive source, and when with the drive source, reduce the size and costs of the device, and a parallel linkage that can realize the device. The linkage connects a foot portion (3) ...

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System for interfacing a device onboard a vehicle and a voice portal server external to the vehicle including a voice communicator and a data communicator situated in the vehicle. The onboard device communicates electronically with the voice communicator and/or the data communicator which in turn ar ...

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A method is provided for automatically improving throughput of an active channel in a communication system comprising: receiving input (28, 30) from one or more modules (12, 16, 18, 20) that identify and characterize impairments in the active channel; monitoring (14, 22, 24, 26) the input (28, 30) t ...

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A method of controlling the data rate of transmitting data packets in a wireless communications system comprising a transmitter communicating with at least one receiver by means of radio communication signals employing at least one automatic repeat request (ARQ) or a hybrid ARC protocol. The data pa ...