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A watermark system includes an embedder, detector, and reader. The watermark embedder encodes a watermark signal in a host signal to create a combined signal. The detector looks for the watermark signal in a potentially corrupted version of the combined signal, and computes its orientation. Finally, ...

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The present invention describes a system and method for communicating voice and data over a packet-switched network that is adapted to coexist and communicate with a legacy PSTN. The system permits packet switching of voice calls and data calls through a data network from and to any of a LEC, a cust ...

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A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for efficiently retrieving data. A total amount of data required for an application executed by a client is determined. In a single call, the total amount of data from a server is requested over a network. All of the data is bundled into a da ...

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A system and method are provided for prioritizing components of an existing network framework. First, a plurality of components required for implementation of a predetermined technology using an existing network framework are provided. Next, a priority listing of the components is complied such that ...

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An intelligent query system for processing voiced-based queries is disclosed. This distributed client-server system, typically implemented on an intranet or over the Internet accepts a user's queries at his/her computer, PDA or workstation using a speech input interface. After converting the us ...

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A method for making a small pore. The defined pore is useful for the fabrication of programmable resistance memory elements. The programmable resistance memory material may be a chalcogenide.

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An integrated data management system for providing data management services from an enterprise over the Internet is described. A user interface executable in a customer workstation authenticate the customer's access to the system and presents one or more data management services according a cus ...

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A system and method for collecting and transmitting medical and health-related data over a network are disclosed. A measuring device measures a user's physiological attribute and produces a first signal related thereto, which an integration system coupled to the measuring device receives and co ...

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Apparatus for remote interaction with an object of interest includes a remote station for obtaining information from the object of interest, a base station for transmitting energy in space to and communicating with the remote station and the remote station having conversion means for energizing the ...