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The present invention comprises: first periodicity providing means for emphasizing periodicity of a fixed code vector output from at least one fixed excitation code book by use of a first periodicity emphasis coefficient adaptively determined based on a predetermined rule; and second periodicity pro ...


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Method and apparatus for secure transmissions. Each user is provided a registration key. A long-time updated broadcast key is encrypted using the registration key and provided periodically to a user. A short-time updated key is encrypted using the broadcast key and provided periodically to a user. B ...




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A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symbol duration. A p ...

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The present invention relates to an on-line finance management method combined with existent banking mechanism. By forming an alliance with a specific financing card issuing bank and taking the financing card members as the recruiting targets of an on-line financing saving club, it is able to reduce ...

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A bicycle pedal assembly has a cleat releasably coupled to a pedal by a cleat engagement mechanism formed on an upper surface of its pedal body. The pedal body has a front end configured and arranged to include a sole guide portion that assists the rider in rotating the pedal body about its pedal sh ...

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The invention provides a transparent conductive film comprising a cured material layer consisting of setting type resins as main component and a transparent conductive membrane consisting of metallic oxides as main component, and being laminated in this order on a transparent plastic substrate, whic ...